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Article: 10 More Things You Can Do in Quarantine (Part 2)

10 More Things You Can Do in Quarantine (Part 2)

10 More Things You Can Do in Quarantine (Part 2)

As we continue with stay-at-home orders and physical distancing, here is a second list of things you can do, as you are spending (lots) more of your time at home. 

This week, you may want to try: 

  • Go out and walk! Don't forget to get outside if you can, and get some fresh air. Walk, jog, skip, do jumping jacks...just get the blood flowing and your body moving. 
  • Drink water. Don't forget to stay hydrated during all of this. Your routine is probably off - and that includes your water intake. Make sure you're getting plenty of water throughout the day. 
  • Try my pay-what-you-wish charka balancing workshop! If you need a few minutes to reset and re-balance your energy, try out my chakra balancing e-book and workshop! It's pay-what-you-can during the coronavirus: so no matter what your current situation is, this information and meditation is available to you. Learn more and access it here!
  • Take a nap. Are you tired? This is weird time, routines are off (or mine is, at least), and you've been staying up too late, getting up too late (or too early), or are dealing with some insomnia. Well, give yourself a break and let your body rest. Naps give your body a chance to rest and rest. Sleep is essential. If your body is asking for a bit of shut-eye, don't fight it! It's often less productive to try to push through it, than it is to just lie down for 30 minutes or so. Happy resting!
  • Send flowers. Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm had to cancel their annual tulip fest - so they decided to brighten seniors' days with the flowers, instead. Just $15 pays for a pot of tulips or daffodils (your choice!) to be delivered to an assisted living facility. If you are looking to spread a bit of spring cheer during social distancing, you may want to consider this option. 
  • Lower your emfs with crystals. If you're working from home, you're probably in front of your computer a lot more than you were in your office, even if you were already in front of it a lot (yikes). So, try out some emf-mitigating crystals on your desk! Hematite, black tourmaline, and pyrite are all good for this - and are fairly common. Give them a try and see how you feel. This blog post has more information on EMF protection with crystals.
  • Try a new hobby. Have you been wanting to knit? Paint? Draw? Give one a try! If you need supplies, you can probably order them online. And there are a ton of online classes, webinars, and live (distance) events on all of these topics! I even just saw an advertisement for a virtual paint night: live, web-based instruction with some simple paint-from-home supplies. 
  • Start a business. Already have a hobby and thinking of taking it to the next level? This is a great time to try out a small business! Websites like Etsy are perfect for those who like to craft and want to see if they can sell their wares. If you haven't explored it as an option yet, maybe now is the time!
  • Take an online yoga course. Breathe, stretch, and move your body! Yoga studios are taking their courses online - many for free - so if you've wanted to try yoga but haven't been comfortable enough to go to a class in person, you can try it out from your living room. 
  • Try a new recipe. Have you seen all of the posts about cooking and baking lately? Hop on the trend by digging out those old cookbooks, searching online, or browsing Pinterest. Find something that looks delicious, add the ingredients to your weekly shopping list, and give it a try one day!

And there you have it - this week's 10 quarantine ideas to try. If you decide to do any of these, feel free to let me know! 

All my love xx 


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