12 Reasons Printables are a Home Decorating Must-Have

What is a printable?

"Printables" can refer to any file specifically designed and sold in a way that lets you print it at home - hence the name! Printable wall art has become popular lately, as a DIY project and a lower-cost alternative to buying large-issue artwork that comes framed or printed on a canvas - and can be a bit pricey. 

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Printable wall art gives you a simple way to find art you love and display it in the way you choose. Want to hang it with clips? That is totally possible. Have the perfect frame? Excellent!

Printables often come in standard sizes, that will fit nicely into a frame - such as ours, which come in an 8" x 10" size. That way, you'll be able to easily hang it, with a frame you already have or one that is commonly available in a range of stores. If you're printing on an 8 1/2" x 11" piece of paper, your printable will fit nicely and you'll simply trim around the edges to create a final product that is 8" x 10". 

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Why choose a printable?

There are lots of reasons to choose a printable! We've got eleven here for you: 

  1. Morning, noon or night - in any time zone - no waiting! Get your file when you want it. 

  2. They’re inexpensive! Art - especially when it’s already been framed - can be expensive. These are budget-friendly opportunities to create the home or apartment you’ve been wanting...but couldn’t afford (or didn’t want to splurge on)!

  3. No shipping! No shipping, packing, or customs costs. Available world-wide. No waiting on transit or delivery.

  4. Use the frame YOU want! It doesn’t come with a frame (and the price reflects that!) so you can choose any one you’d like! Have a favorite you’ve been wanting something new for? Perfect! Found an amazingly ornate one at an antiques shop for a killer bargain? Glad you grabbed it! Or, just going to get a simple frame to match the ones you’ve already got? I totally get that.

  5. Crop it! If there’s room, and you want a different shape - go for it! Square, rectangle, something creative...all are totally welcome. Tag us if you cut it in an unconventional way that looks amazing!!

  6. Spilled your coffee on it before you could even hang it? No worries - just reprint it! I’ve been there before and it’s no fun: you mean to hang something, it sits on the table for a few days because you’re not quite “ready”...and poof! It’s suddenly marbled with a coffee spill...or ring...or whatever. No worries! Just go print another 😉

  7. It doesn’t show up rolled in the size of a paper towel tube, that takes forever to flatten.

  8. Did I mention you’ll get it immediately?? It’s perfect for late-night design inspiration. I’ve had that, and I know it’s real 😉

  9. If it’s not exactly what you need - pick something else! I’ve priced these so that they are high-quality, but super affordable. Sometimes, you don’t know if it’s the “right” piece until you try it out...and we’re here to help! Not quite the right fit? Simply snag another one that is. We don’t offer refunds...but our prices are low enough that we know you’ll be able to find the perfect spot for all of our printables. Have you tried one in the hallway? Kitchen? Bathroom?! I’ve used prints that weren’t quite right with my main display in these rooms/areas, and they’ve been perfect 👌

  10. Instant gratification. Order. Download. Print. It’s faster than even Amazon. 😉

  11. Makes an easy (and awesome) gift. We get it: gift giving is expensive...and often has us searching for the perfect gift at the last minute (okay, second...but who’s counting). Look no further: printables are fast, inexpensive, and simple. Just buy the design, print it out, add a gift bag and some tissue paper, and voila! Your friends and family will love them, and you’ll love how hassle-free they are.

  12. You love them all - and don’t have to choose! Since printables are an affordable way to decorate, you can get several for the price of one print you’d buy in the store. So there’s no need to choose between the ones you love - just get them all! 

So there you have it: 12 reasons why printables are so popular right now. Give them a try - and let us know what YOUR favorite thing about them is 😉

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Printable wall art is a great way to redecorate your space on a small budget. Here are 11 reasons we love printable wall art!