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Article: How to Actually Create Change in 2023

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How to Actually Create Change in 2023

Dreaming of doing things differently in 2023?

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You may be wondering why - or how - this year could be different than all of the rest.

You may be wondering why you would even bother doing "this new year's stuff" - because it "never works anyway," right?

You may also be wondering why it's so hard to change...and why you set your mind to something, get a little busy...and then basically forget that you even set a goal in the first place.

The bad news is: this is a super common experience (but it does mean that you're not alone in feeling this way!). 

The good news is: there are physiological reasons for all of these.

It's hard to change, most simply, because we are creatures of habit. Routines help us save energy, focus on urgent issues, and - believe it or not - keep us protected...according to our brains, at least.

Most of our days are actually spent unconsciously, doing more or less the same things we did yesterday: having the same thoughts, playing out the same patterns, engaging in the same routines. And again, that's generally good. Imagine having to learn basic things over and over, every single day: it would be exhausting.

What that also means, however, is that we need to purposefully do things differently, in order to bring about change. So, change is a conscious process. And that means it involves effort, action, and thinking (and behaving) in ways that are different from what we've been doing and how we've been thinking. Sometimes that is in small ways. Sometimes that is in big ways.

It also means that change, more often than not, is a process that takes time...and humans can be impatient. We want to see results instantly - even though we know that, generally speaking, meaningful change happens incrementally, over time.

These are some of the reasons I created IGNITE:

to support you in going through the process of change, to provide you with the tools and information to support you, and to give you a place to return to, as many times as you need to. And the new year is the perfect time to dive in. 

As you probably already realize, there's never one fresh start, where everything is magically reset - and even if there was, it's likely you don't have the patterns and behaviors in place to maintain it, if everything you wanted suddenly showed up.

The good news is, we can intentionally create them: patterns, new thoughts, and new ways of taking action and interacting with the world. And that is how we start to create lasting change.

Tips for change

If your 2023 goals require you to make some changes, here are some things to keep in mind: 

  • Start small. You don't have to make massive changes overnight, for them to "count."
  • Build mini-steps into your routine: we're going for sustainable, not flashy.
  • Think about adding things - not taking them away. What can you add to your life, to make it more vibrant? Where can you add a serving of fruits/vegetables to your day, to start eating healthier? Where can you get just a few more steps, if your goal is to move more? Apply this to anything you'd like to change: small steps (literal and metaphorical) do add up. 
  • Keep the outcome in mind. Visualize what your life will look like, with "it" in it. Feel how you'll feel. Visualize how you'll walk, talk, interact with people. Who will be there? What will you do/see/have? Get as specific as you can. 
  • Keep track of your progress. This can be motivating - but it will also help you really know what's going on. Chances are, you're actually doing more than you think - so give yourself credit for that. 
  • Don't give up. This seems like the obvious one but, let's be real: things come up. We get thrown off track. We get busy and forget. Plan for that to happen - and then plan to get back on board, as soon as you've realized it. Normalize the ups and downs - and expect that things won't always be easy.

Start your year off strong  

If you'd love support with this, join me in IGNITE. It's an instant-access masterclass (available January 3), workbook, and crystal/sage kit, to help you create the 2023 you've been dreaming of. 

It is filled with information, activities, strategies, and tools to help you really pinpoint what it is you desire, then begin living in a way that helps you bring it into reality. 

Give yourself the tools this year, to follow through on your goals and desires like never before. I'll see you there! 



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