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Article: Introducing: Our Crystal-Inspired Digital Image Shop

AI image of a woman looking at a magical bubble

Introducing: Our Crystal-Inspired Digital Image Shop

Hey there crystal lovers!

This blog post is a little different than usual: but I have something unusual to share with you! I'm so excited to announce the opening of my new Etsy shop, Lunar Leo Design Co., a stock image shop featuring gorgeous images of celestial events and crystal goddesses. I know how much the right images can speak to our souls: so I wanted to create a space where we can all find inspiration and connection with the energies of the universe.

stock image beautiful woman with tigers eye crystals adorning her

Welcome to Lunar Leo Design Co.

My shop offers a variety of downloadable images showcasing the beauty of the night sky, the powerful energy of crystals, and so much more. Whether you're looking to decorate your home, create a vision board, use them as a screensaver, or use them in your business, these images will add a touch of magic to everything you do.

stock image of a solar eclipse

Gorgeous stock images featuring crystals, the full moon, celestial events, and more

I've carefully curated images that highlight the unique properties of a range of crystals, celestial events, and natural wonders that help us connect with our own intuition, innate power, and inner wisdom.

stock image african woman full moon

Gorgeous, ethereal images, created just for you

So, whether you're a seasoned crystal lover or just starting to explore the world of energy work, my shop has images that are sure to speak to you. 

Thanks so much, as always, for being here. 

All my love and gratitude, 

xx Kristen 



stock image native woman turquoise

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