Shungite Harmonizers Set


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Shungite harmonizing rods (or "harmonizers" or "shungite balancing rods") are helpful for balancing your body and resetting your energetic field. You will receive one (1) set of two (2) rods, similar to the set shown. One rod is made of shungite, the other rod is made of soapstone. 

How to Use Your Shungite Harmonizing Rods

Hold the SHUNGITE (black) rod in your RIGHT hand and 2) at the same time hold the SOAPSTONE (grey) rod in your LEFT hand.

Shungite Crystal Metaphysical and Energetic Properties: Shungite is a stone found exclusively in Russia. It is a black, carbon-based material that has been said for years to be extremely good for absorbing EMF rays and for "clearing up" anything that is negative. Shungite comes in several grades (or qualities) and can be rough or polished. Shungite is said to be able to quickly clear all blocks (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual) and transmute them, dissolving them into the etheric fields. 

Soapstone Metaphysical and Energetic Properties: Soapstone is known as an incredible neutralizer, which can help to soften, align, and equalize your energy field.

Try it: Sit of lie down, hold your harmonizing rods, and close your eyes. Feel the energy moving through your body as any stuck or stagnant energy clears. 

If you forget which one to hold in which hand, or you just want to compare the difference in how they feel…Switch by placing Shungite in the LEFT and Soapstone in the RIGHT hands…You will immediately feel your polarity flip and feel dizzy, nauseous, or unsettled depending on how sensitive you are. To rebalance yourself, just hold the Shungite in the right and Soapstone in the left again.

These harmonizing rods are also said to help ease vertigo, insomnia, nausea, inner ear issues, and can help if you are feeling "spacey" or ungrounded. Shungite harmonizers are also said to bring mental clarity, help you reverse from a negative to a positive polarity, and to help alleviate other energetic imbalances.

Shungite is also said to help reduce your EMF exposure. You can read more about crystals for EMF protection right here.

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