Rose Quartz or Amethyst Gemstone Pendant


Treat yourself to a little crystal magic with a gorgeous gemstone pendant.

These gemstone pendants in amethyst, rose quartz, and clear quartz make taking your crystals with you a breeze! Set an intention and let that crystal support you - or just simply choose one that perfectly complements your outfit. 

Choose from clear quartz, amethyst, or rose quartz. This listing is for one (1) gemstone pendant with a silvery chain, similar to those shown in the images. 

Amethyst is a stone that is good for everything: the crown chakra, connection, healing, strength - and much more! Called the "sobriety" stone, it is said to help people cut through the noise and see things rationally and clearly.

Primarily, clear quartz is used as an amplifier – it can amplify the properties of other stones. Interestingly, this is also one of its uses in everyday life: as a way to move energy from one place to another, such as with electronics. Quartz is also easily programmable: When you set your intentions for the stone, it can help to amplify that energy, whether it be for abundance, love, or peace. In ancient times, quartz was thought to be water that was so deeply frozen that it became permanently crystallized. 

This listing is for one (1) pendant. Chain not included.




Photos by Heck Designs and Photography and copyright © 2018 Heck Photography and Mooncat Crystals. All rights reserved. 

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