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Onyx, Mother of Pearl, and Rudraksha Mala:

Onyx: Great for creating harmony between the spiritual and the physical, as well as promoting balance and positive feelings.

Mother of Pearl: Mother of Pear is a protecting and healing stone. It is said to be good for enhancing clarity, psychic abilities, intuition, and imagination.

Rudraksha Seeds: Rudraksha seeds are said to be very healing. They can assist meditation through their tranquil, peaceful energy. They are good for reducing stress and enhancing the flow of energy.

This listing is for one (1) mala. You will receive the exact mala shown. 

What is a Mala? 

A mala is a string of beads – in this case, a combination of natural wood and real gemstones – traditionally used as a tool for meditation. They are similar to prayer beads or rosaries. Made up of 108 beads plus a “guru” stone (a bead or "line" of beads that is different than the others - typically larger or smaller), malas are typically used to chant or pray with, to help count mantras or to time your meditation. In addition to their use in meditation, malas can be worn around your neck or hung in a special place as a reminder of an intention, the power of choice, your personal and/or spiritual path or practice, or simply a reminder of peace.  

How to Choose a Mala

Choose one you are attracted to! You can choose a mala for the way it looks, the properties of the gemstones it is made with, or the way it feels when you see it.  

How to Use a Mala 

There are many perspectives on how you should use a mala. The most simple one is to begin at the guru stone. Say your mantra, then move to the next bead and say it again. Once you’ve moved all the way around the mala and return to the guru stone, you will have chanted your mantra 108 times! The number 108 has spiritual, scientific, religious, and cultural significance. See the significance of the number 108 here: You could also use your mala as a gratitude exercise, naming something you are grateful for, with each bead. You could also just use it while sitting quietly, to count your breath and focus.

What are Some Mantras I can Use? 

Again, there are many options here. If you know of a chant or come across one that you like, that is  a great one to use! If you need some ideas, try choosing from the ones below. You can choose based on how they sound to you, how they feel when you say them, or by what they mean – their intention. 

OM (Aum, Ohm): The primordial sound. An extremely powerful mantra, representing our interconnectedness as well as the divine inside each of us. 

Om Shanti (or Om Shanti Shanti Shanti): A prayer for peace. Using shanti three times is a wish for true peace (peaceful body; peaceful speech; peaceful mind).

Om Nama Shivaya: A prayer to Shiva – your inner Self. This mantra literally means “I bow to Shiva.” Use this mantra as a way to reconnect with your true identity and with the consciousness that dwells within.



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