About Mooncat Crystals

We are always curating a large selection of crystals, sage, and holistic tools to help you reconnect with the earth and with yourself. Selecting beautiful, unique, high-vibration stones for you - that we would choose for ourselves - is our passion.

We offer:

✧ Crystals, Sage, Essential Oils
✧ Inspiration
✧ Empowerment 
✧ Beauty 
✧ Freedom
✧ And so much self love

Come on in; explore; stay awhile. Breathe deep: You’re home.

core values
- Freedom: you can’t “do crystals” wrong; but we can help you maximize how you work with them, with our courses and ebooks  
- Authenticity: your vibe is all yours. How are you showing the world your favorite version of yourself? Are you letting your crystals support you in that?
- Safety: we want your crystal experience to feel safe, so you know what you’re getting. There’s already too much uncertainty in the world: which crystal you’re going to get shouldn’t stress you out. 
- Quality without hassle: you deserve to splurge on beautiful crystals - without having to fight for the piece(s) you love! Shop anytime on our website or in our story highlights.

I've loved crystals ever since I was a little girl. As a kid, I'd spend hours pouring over all of the different stones in a small rock shop by my house.

In my early and mid 20s, I'd spend hours at gem shows, being amazed by all of the types and varieties of crystals.

In my 30s, I moved to Tucson, Arizona - home to one of the largest gems shows in the world. All of the gem shows I had gone to could never have prepared me for what I would find in Tucson.

I'm a certified crystal healer (x3),  Advanced Crystal Master, Reiki Master, Ph.D., breast cancer survivor, cat mom, and eternal crystal junkie.

I'm so glad you are here - I can't wait to share my crystal journey with you.

xo, Kristen
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