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We designed this page so that you have a place to go, after you receive your crystals, to learn more about how to work with them and some of the ways that you can create a more powerful experience with your crystals - if you choose.

If there is information that you wish was here, feel free to let us know! We want to help and will consider all requests (even if we can't implement them all).  Email your suggestions to kristen (at)

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about your free gift

Each order includes a complimentary crystal and herb/flower combination, to show our appreciation!

If you would like to read about the properties of your gift crystal, you can check out our Guide to Crystal Properties for more information. 

Each bundle may be different, depending on when you order; however, all of the herbs/flowers we use can be burned as loose incense. If you aren't sure how, here's a quick overview.

If you prefer not to burn flowers/herbs due to the smoke (or would just like another way to use them), you can:

☆ Sprinkle them on/around your doorstep

☆ Use them in your crafts/projects

☆ Sprinkle them around your property

☆ Add them to your plant pots

☆ Add them to your moon water

☆ Keep them in the pouch to to smell and enjoy as you desire

Enjoy! xo

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