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Reset and recalibrate your energy with this ebook and workshop on using crystals (and other tools) for chakra balance.

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If you are feeling like you could use a break - or, if you know you could use a break, whether or not you feel like it - this workshop is the perfect way to balance, reset, and tune up your energy field - even if you don't have an hour a day to meditate. 

If that's you, I've got you: I've created a ebook and workshop to help you do just this! You'll receive both the workbook and the email series - so you can choose the format that is best for you!

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And for a limited time (during the COVID disruption), you can get this workshop for PAY WHAT YOU WISH pricing!

Balancing your energetic field - and your chakras - can help support your body, mind, and emotions: and I want you to have access to that, no matter what your situation is.

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This workshop contains everything you need, to work through your energetic centers to balance and restore them. 

You will learn: 

  • What the charkas are
  • Why the get to be out of balance
  • What each chakra represents 
  • How to re-balance them
  • What crystals support each chakra
  • How to journal your way to chakra balance 
  • How to balance your chakras through meditation 
  • What foods, essential oils, sounds, and more correspond with each chakra


In this workbook, you will find information about the chakra system, in-depth information on each chakra, crystals that can be used to support each chakra, gorgeous full-color images, a downloadable guided chakra balancing meditation, affirmations for each chakra, and more.

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» 63 full-color pages of downloadable content, plus a 5-day email series: so you can access content however is best for you

» An overview of the chakra system - including what it is and why it's important

» In-depth information about each chakra

» Full-color images to support your chakra work 

» Affirmations for each chakra

» Crystals suggestions to support each chakra

» A guided meditation to balance your chakras 

» Journal prompts for balancing your chakras 

» A Pinterest inspiration board for each chakra 

» More

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Content will begin going out on Sunday, March 22 - but you can sign up any time and access the entire workbook/sequence.  

The workshop will be delivered via both pdf ebook and as a 5-day email course - so you can access the content in the way that works for you. 

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Simple: So that, no matter what your situation is right now, you can receive some support, light, and goodwill. 

This information is easy to read, understand, and use - so even if you only have 15 minutes in the morning, or even if you can't leave your home, or even if you don't have a workout space, you have a way to take control of your situation and do something good for you. 

Pay what you wish offers benefit both of us: and I truly hope that this offer can support you during this time. 

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Give this a try if you are feeling bored.

Give this a try if you are feeling frustrated.

Give this a try if you are feeling overwhelmed. 

Give this a try if you are feeling like this is a really weird time - and you're doing your best to do your best, but could also use a bit of a boost.


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