About Citrine

Gorgeous citrine, in a range of yellow hues from pale to dark and smoky, is a favorite of many. Here, we'll explore some information about the stone, its metaphysical and energetic properties, and how to tell if you have the "real" stuff - and what that even means.  

Physical Properties of Citrine 

Citrine is a variety of quartz, which varies in color from bright, warm, amber yellow to pale lemon yellow. This coloring is due to the presence of iron or aluminum dispersed very finely throughout, as the crystal forms.

Natural citrine is relatively rare, which can make it difficult to find and somewhat pricy. In many cases, the "citrine" you see on the market is amethyst which has been treated with heat, to change the color from its characteristic purple, to a shade of yellow or yellow-orange. This type of "citrine" is often called golden amethyst or simply heated citrine, to differentiate it from natural citrine. It is easy to spot the majority of this type of citrine, as it is often found in the druzy geode shape of amethyst. Since natural citrine does not grow in that formation (it forms in masses or points, like clear and smoky citrine do), you can tell immediately that it is not natural citrine. Here's a blog post, if you want to read more about natural versus heated citrine.

The leading producer of citrine is Brazil, but this mineral is also found in Africa, Madagascar, Europe, the U.S., Burma, and Russia.

History and Uses of Citrine

During the Hellenistic Age (300-150 BC) in Greece, citrine was appreciated and used to craft jewelry and decorate tools. Citrine is a derivative of the Latin word citrina, meaning yellow. Romans used it principally for bijouterie (jewelry/trinkets) and intaglio printing (engraving).

Citrine became really popular, however, only in the 19th century and in the interwar period, marked by art deco style. Many famous Hollywood stars such as Greta Garbo and Joan Crawford wore citrine. It was and still is popular among women who don't have big budgets, yet need beautiful and affordable jewelry. Because of its relatively low price (compared to diamonds and other precious stones), citrine never became a truly coveted stone.

Citrine as also long been called "the merchant's stone" and has been said to bring prosperity. Because of this, business owners have long suggested keeping a piece in your cash drawer or register, to help call in abundant money energy.

Energetic and Metaphysical Properties of Citrine

Citrine is the stone of abundance, manifestation, creativity, and strong 3rd chakra/solar plexus energy. It is warming, sunny, and uplifting. Citrine is also a variety of quartz - this time, one that reflects the yellow to yellow-orange light spectrum.

Citrine is the Zodiac stone of people born under the sign of Cancer. Thanks to its warm and eye-catching color, citrine is widely believed to have the Sun’s healing properties, radiating warmth and light. This also makes it a good stone for fiery Leo.

For the same reason, citrine is also said to be a balancing gem for manipura, the solar plexus chakra, which is responsible for our relationships with people, and our "sense of self" in society. If you’ve been feeling angry recently, possibly over really petty stuff, or you feel the desire to control everything, this may be a sign that your solar plexus chakra is overactive. If, on the contrary, you have been feeling shy, insecure, and like your opinions don't matter, it may be a sign that your solar plexus chakra is underactive. Finding the balance between keeping to yourself and going out is one of the tasks of manipura.

Unfortunately, more and more people fall into extremes nowadays, which can cause feelings of stress and affect their digestive systems and general well-being. Citrine is a stone that is said to be able to help you find inner harmony and may bring positive emotions and optimism. Citrine is also said to help support your confidence and self-esteem, and brush off any unwelcome criticisms.

Citrine is also said to be one of the very best stones out there that you can use to attract good things to you, whether it's health, friends, or money.

Citrine Associations

Astrological: Cancer, Leo

Chakra: Solar Plexus

Elemental: Fire 

Keywords: Creativity, Self-Esteem, Money Luck

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