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Why work with me?

How I can help you incorporate these things, in ways that work specifically with the flow of your life 

Reiki, Crystals, and Energy

What is energy healing?

What role does it play in your life? 

Why would you want to incorporate a variety of energetic tools and practices into your life? 

  • function 
  • beauty
  • wellness
  • energetic healing

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When a Parking Spot is a Sign from the Universe

What can you learn from a parking spot? A lot, apparently. Read on for some reflections from a kind soul who pointed me in the right direction.

Creating a Crystal Bath

Do you need a little - or a lot - more relaxation in your life? Self-care? 

If you answered “yes” to any (or all!) of these, a crystal bath might be a great tool for you!

All About Money and Wealth

There are so many ideas wrapped up with the word “wealth” - but that’s the thing: they are just ideas. Constructs. Things that society tells us that are “true”…even when they are not.

About Me

Hi, I'm Kristen

I was diagnosed with breast cancer at 40. 


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