About Flint

Flint is a glossy grey gem that played a crucial role in discovering fire and creating Stone Age tools. Flint’s metaphysical properties might make it the talisman you subconsciously need to progress on your spiritual journey. 

What is Flint? 

Flint is one of several sedimentary types of quartz, and a mineral that is typically categorized as chert – the rock used to create chalk and limestone. Flint usually appears in nuggets, which are graphite grey or darker; sometimes, even black. Although these tones are somewhat frequent, various shades of brown, green and white are common as well. When polished, flint has a glassy glow. One of the most beautiful subgenres of this intriguing rock is the flint palm stone, which has a reddish shade and sand stripes resembling palm leaves.


Flint is a rather durable gem, with the hardness of 7 on Mohs scale; however, this doesn’t mean that this mineral doesn't break.

It's possible to split it into several sharp-edged pieces without any particular tools. For this reason, this stone has become one of the hallmarks of the Stone Age, during which it was frequently used.

History and Uses of Flint 

In the Stone Age, fragments of flint were widely used in spears, knives and other tools used for cutting, cooking, and hunting. This, however, was just one of the uses. Ancient tribes quickly noticed that when sharp pieces of flint struck steel, sparks ignited. This seemingly small discovery led them to lighting fire for the first time, which in turn improved their safety, diet, and productivity – staying up at night became possible, as well. Flint became so crucial that tribes began to travel in search of it, and traded other valuable items for it.

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Flint is mostly located in North America. The Rocky Mountains and Ohio have significant amounts of this precious stone. Ohio’s Flint Ridge contains hundreds of quarries, which produce colorful flint that was used and treasured by Native American cultures.

The Gulf of Mexico and Europe are other regions where flint is traditionally excavated. In southern England, flint was so common that it became a standard construction material. The reason why it was used with so much enthusiasm is because it is quite resistant to erosion and weathering.

Surprisingly, flint is used in jewelry as well. The standard way of working with it is to cut it into dome-shaped pieces which are commonly called cabochons. Cabochons are used for the production of pendants, belt buckles, and pins. The more colorful varieties of flint, including Ohio flint, polishes into gorgeous cabochons which are highly coveted for jewelry.

Energetic and Metaphysical Properties

Flint is an excellent gem for all chakras, including the Earth Star one that keeps in place one's whole chakra system, and has many other properties. For example, it is said to be able to contain our past karma, and attach the ethereal fragments of our soul to the physical body, making sure we don’t lose our souls (or bodies).

The two elements related to flint are Earth and Fire, which is easy to see when we take into consideration the physical properties of this impressive stone and one of its uses.

Although flint isn’t a typical birthstone, the Zodiac signs which will benefit the most from wearing or working with it are Scorpio, Leo, and Libra.

Flint is said to be one of the best talismans for those who want to feel grounded and secure in their lives. If you are somebody who craves emotional stability or just wants to belong, give a piece of jewelry with flint a try.

Another reason why you might want to have a piece of flint with you always is because it can act as a protection amulet. It it said to shield the wearer from negative and low-vibration energies. If you need to get rid of something in your life, whether it's a bad habit, irritation, or complicated issue, then flint could be one of your greatest allies.

With flint, it doesn’t truly matter if you have just embarked on a spiritual path or have been on it for quite a while. This stone works for everyone who would like to improve their connection with the spiritual world.

Flint is also a fantastic companion for those who are hoping to manifest something positive in their lives.

Scorpio, Leo, Libra

Astrological: Scorpio, Leo, Libra

All Chakras

Chakra: All

Earth and Fire

Elemental: Earth + Fire

Grounding Protective Stabilizing


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