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Crystal Healing

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Do you love crystals

...and want to learn more about they can help support your holistic wellness goals?

Crystal healing is an energetic and vibrational approach to wellness that focuses on balance, relaxation, and energy flow.

Crystal healing can be done in-person, but is also just as effective when done via distance. This has the added benefit of being able to relax in your own home during your session. 

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All crystal healing sessions include custom crystal layouts based on exactly what your body, mind, and spirit need. Every session is different: During a session, I will intuitively select crystals to use from my extensive collection. 

Because there are so many crystals that may be used, and each session is tailored toward your, specific needs, no two sessions will ever be exactly the same.


During a session, your job is to relax and receive. That's it! 

You'll want to set aside about an hour, ideally somewhere safe and quiet, where you can lie down and relax. You may want extra blankets, pillows, an eye mask, relaxing music, essential oils, and a glass of water nearby.

To start our session, we'll chat briefly via Zoom. During this chat, we'll talk about how you are feeling, as well as what you might like to work on during the session. I'll also explain how the session will go. 

Once we disconnect, I'll begin choosing crystals, creating your crystal layout, and sending Reiki energy - all while you relax. 


You should plan to relax for about an hour, but if you would like to keep relaxing (or if you fall asleep, or would like to nap), that is totally fine!

Once I have completed your session, I will send you notes about the crystals I used, as well as any observations I made during the session. Once I have sent that email, our session is officially complete. However, you are always welcome to ask questions and/or check in with me, to let me know how you are doing. 

Since we are working with energy, I always recommend you drink lots of water after a session and rest if you need to. If you feel extra tired, it just means your body needs to rest and process the energy. As much as possible, listen to what your body is telling you.

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All crystal sessions include: 

◊ Custom crystal layout

◊ Full Reiki session 

◊ Brief Zoom chat, so we can discuss what is going on and what you'd like to focus your session on 

◊ Email writeup and overview of your session, including what crystals I used in your layout and any insights that may be helpful

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Q: What is a crystal healing session like? 
A: The experience is different for everyone - and can be different each time a person has a session. Some people feel very relaxed. Others drift off to sleep (totally fine!). Some feel energized. Some people feel a tingling sensation in their hands, feet, or somewhere else in their body. Some do not feel anything at all (which is totally okay and doesn't mean anything about you, your session, or whether it "worked").

Q: I didn't feel anything - did it work? 
A: Energy can be subtle - and, sometimes, you won't feel anything during your session. That is totally okay, completely normal, and doesn't mean your session didn't "work." 

Q: Why should I drink water after my session? 
A: Sometimes when we move a lot of energy, we can feel a bit "buzzy" or "heightened." Water helps you to connect back to the earth and helps you to ground yourself after a session. Additionally, when we stir up energy, our bodies often need additional hydration to keep our cells working smoothly. Also, water is really good for you, whether you just had an energy session or not! Most of us could use an extra glass or two - so taking care of ourselves with crystal healing sessions is also a great reminder to make sure we're hydrating well. This is the same with rest and eating fresh, whole foods: After an energy healing session, you should rest if you need to (sometimes you're a bit more tired, while your body processes the energy, and relaxes and rests as it needs to). If the energy session helped you to relax, your body may just need to catch up on rest it hasn't been able to get. In any case, if you're feeling tired, letting your body rest is a great practice.

**Crystal Healing and Reiki are simple, gentle energy techniques that are used for stress reduction and relaxation. Crystal Healing and Reiki sessions can take place in person or via a distance session. By purchasing any Reiki and/or crystal healing session, including group sessions, you acknowledge and agree to the Reiki disclaimer