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New Moon Distance Reiki
About Reiki

Reiki is a technique that uses universal life force energy to promote balance, harmony, and well-being. Reiki is not affiliated with any specific religion or belief system and can be practiced and received by any person, regardless of their belief system.

For many, the experience of Reiki is often relaxing, energizing, and/or peaceful. Many people report an enhanced feeling of well-being after a Reiki session.

“Reiki is the best vibration for helping someone to relax well and deeply. Relaxation is key to human health and recovery because it initiates our natural and innate healing abilities. It is when we are truly relaxed that true healing can take place.” ― Chyna Honey
New Moon Reiki

The new moon is a great time to have a Reiki session, as the new moon is often seen as the beginning of a new cycle: a time to state your goals an intentions for the coming months, focus on what you would like to create in your life, and begin the work toward manifesting those outcomes.

New moon distance Reiki sessions are held (typically) in the evenings in during the new moon. Moon phases encompass the two days before, the day of, and the two days after that phase - so there is plenty of time to schedule a session during the energy of the new moon...even if it's not on the exact same day of the new moon.

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Session Details

These sessions are done offline; you do not need to be present during the actual session.

I will email you to choose a time for your session. If you are free during that time, you are welcome to sit or lie down in a comfortable place, relax, and tune in. If you are not free during that time it is just fine: I will simply set the intention that the energy will integrate while you sleep.

This session includes

In addition to distance Reiki, your new moon session will include: 

» a brief energy overview, that outlines what's going on astrologically during this new moon 

» an oracle card pull + interpretation 

» a crystal grid, based on the specific energies of the upcoming new moon. I leave the grid up for at least 24 hours after the session.

» a summary of the session, notes on anything that came up, and photos of the crystal grid and oracle card(s) pulled

All of this information will be sent to the email address on file, once the session has been completed.

“A new moon teaches gradualness and deliberation and how one gives birth to oneself slowly. Patience with small details makes perfect a large work, like the universe.” - Rumi
What Can Reiki Do for Me?

Reiki is a beautiful form of energy healing that has many benefits. Of course, like all energetic modalities, results vary based on a number of factors (if you go to an acupuncture session, you probably know that you won't have exactly the same experiences as your bff - and reiki is the same).

However, here are some things that participants in these sessions have told me that they feel, afterward: 

  • more relaxed
  • feeling less stressed
  • less sinus pressure
  • feeling more energized 
  • slept/rested better
  • woke up feeling refreshed
  • lighter, clearer energy


Your results will be unique to you, and vary based on what you need energetically (as well as how sensitive you are to feeling energy, how in-tune you are with your body, etc.). 

Reiki is always done for your highest good (and the highest good of all): So during a reiki session, you never have to worry about the specific results. Instead, focus on the belief that you will receive exactly what you need from this session - no more, and no less - and that everything will unfold as it should. 

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