Online Course: Introduction to Crystals & Basic Crystal Uses

About this course 

Whether you are looking for ways to connect, relax, rest, and reset; or for practices to bring abundance and spark creativity; or just want to create a more beautiful life, this course will help you do that. We've filled this course with information on crystals and crystal properties; downloadable guided meditations that take the guesswork out of what to "do" when you work with a crystal; beautiful full-color pdf e-books that walk you through specific topics; and downloadable worksheets to give you simple ways to track your crystal practices. 

Course Goals 

In this course, you will learn:

  • What crystals are and a bit of crystal history
  • How to choose crystals - and which ones you should get 
  • What to do before you start working with your crystals
  • Easy ways to use crystals in your life and home
  • …and much more

This course is self-paced: so you can work through the five modules as you have time. You'll also have lifetime access - so any time you'd like to go back, or if it takes you a little longer to work through all of the content, that's just fine!

Who this course is for

Have you ever felt any of the following? 

  • You love crystals...but you get them home and then aren't quite sure what to actually do with them 
  • You feel drawn to crystals, but you aren't sure which ones to buy, so you admire them from afar 
  • You love practical advice that cuts through all of the noise - and gives you the answers you want
  • You the kind of person who wants to know more...but doesn't have time to piece together information from countless books and websites
  • You're looking for ways to grow personally, spiritually, and/or energetically - and you'd love to find a way to incorporate crystals into that process 

If you feel like any - or all - of the above describe you, then this is a perfect course to help you begin learning more about crystals and practical ways to use them in your home and life! This course was designed with the practical crystal-lover in mind, to help you choose the crystals that are right for you and identify some simple, practical, and powerful ways that you can incorporate them into your life. 

Get started now!

Our goal is to help you connect you with the perfect crystals for you - whether it is for their beauty, function, or healing energy - and we think that this course is a great way to support your crystal journey. 

Let's get started! I hope you enjoy learning about easy ways to use crystals in your home and life.