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Shock. Fear. Anger. Disbelief.

A breast cancer diagnosis means a lot of things. It DOESN'T have to mean that you are alone.

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Private Coaching Container

You need support. You have questions. You want to vent...but not to the people you are closest to. You want to know about others' experiences...but cancer support groups are not your vibe and you definitely don't want to join a random group of strangers on Facebook 😬

I shifted and upleveled my energy THROUGH my treatment and healing. And I want to help you do the same.

You need someone that understands the whole experience. I've been through it. I've struggled with the emotions. I've experienced the highs and lows, as well as the treatments. I will walk with you through all of this.

In my private coaching container, you will get: 

☆ 2, 30 minute Zoom calls per month
☆ Channeled guidance in each session
☆ M-F Voxer access (10a - 4p)
☆ A detailed welcome packet that includes an in-depth questionnaire, so I can start to get to know you before we even begin
☆ Love, support, and encouragement so thrive through your treatment 

Plus surprise bonuses and gifts, because you deserve some pampering. There's also a VIP option, for even more support. 

frequently asked questions
Do I have to be going through cancer treatment to work with you?

Not at all! While my main coaching practice helps women going through breast cancer treatment, I would love to work with you if you are interested in my coaching style and we are a great match! Please send me a message - let's chat!

Why coaching?

When I was going through treatment, there were a lot of things I needed to get out - anger, fear, sadness, confusion, overwhelm, to name a few - that I didn't want to talk to my family or close friends about. Some were because I didn't want to burden them. Some were because they couldn't relate. Some were because they wouldn't know the answers. Some where because I felt like a broken record, haha.

The truth is, sometimes it's easier to talk to someone outside of your close circle: and that's where I come in. You can say anything you need, in a completely confidential environment.

Additionally, I have been through all of the treatments (testing, chemotherapy, chest port placement, losing my hair, bilateral mastectomy, radiation). So I know how it feels to go through them: the mixed emotions, the uncertainty, the fear, the overwhelm, the anger, the exhaustion, the amount of trust you need to put in your medical well as the bravery and hope it takes.

Coaching gives you an outlet for all of this - and the benefit of having someone to walk with, who has been there before - in a non-judgmental, supportive, caring, compassionate environment where you can focus on YOU and your healing...not how anyone else will react to what you need to say.

I want to meet more than twice a month. Is this possible?

Absolutely! My VIP container gives you weekly calls with me, for even more support.

You'll also get Saturday Voxer access, for anything that comes up after "normal" business hours.

Let's chat about it!

I have Google and doctors...why do I need a coach?

Doctors are a great source of information! (Google is okay, but...sometimes you will find some real questionable advice/information).

However, doctors 1) are busy and 2) (probably) haven't actually gone through the treatments, procedures, testing, and experiences they are putting you through. So while they can answer a lot of technical questions and overall impressions, they can't relate to what you are going through. 

They also aren't there for emotional support, random things that pop up, and in-the-moment answers.

This is why I offer both Zoom calls and Voxer support: you get uninterrupted time to bring as much (or little) as you want to to our calls; AND you have quick access any time you need it (like when you're waiting for chemo, have a question that pops up, or start feeling overwhelmed on a random Wednesday :)

With my coaching container, you will have support and access every step of the way.

I have a great support system - isn't that enough?

I am so happy to hear that you have friends/family/others that you can rely on! Support is so important before, during, and after treatment.

I had a great support system, as well. However, no matter how much love and support I got from people who loved me, there were still gaps:

I didn't always want to talk about specific things, with specific people.

If something really scary came up, I'd often need to process it myself, before I told the people who were closest to me. This eliminated anyone I'd normally go to, to help me deal with these situations. For these moments, a coach who fully understood what I was going through would have been invaluable. 

I didn't want to talk about my situation with people who had "sorta" been through my situation...but not really.

I had friends and family members who had been through similar experiences...but they weren't as serious as mine was. In fact, most people I knew who went through breast cancer treatment had Stage 0 or Stage 1 breast cancer. They did not go through chemo; or they had a lumpectomy; or the majority of their treatment was preventative, not therapeutic.

While this is great support and community...sometimes, regardless of of the good intentions, it's not enough. I truly appreciated all of the support, concern, and care I received - and there was absolutely a place for it, in my treatment journey and healing process. 

However, the truth is, having Stage II cancer that has spread to your lymph nodes is not the same as Stage 0 cancer that only needs a lumpectomy. Are they both scary? Absolutely. Both serious? Definitely. Require different protocols? Yes. Have different implications? Also yes.

In these circumstances, you deserve to have someone who can truly relate to the magnitude of what you're going through, because they have experienced it.

I felt like a broken record sometimes.

Does something keep coming up for you, over and over again? If you feel like you can't tell your support system for the 25,000th time that {you feel some way}, you're not alone. And it's normal. It can take more time to process traumatic events (yes, any part of your cancer diagnosis/treatment plan is a traumatic event)...and it's important to be able to get your feelings out and not keep them bottled up. Coaching is the perfect place to do that - without having to wonder if your partner/parent/friend/sibling minds hearing you say you're mad at a plastic surgeon you consulted with 3 months ago, for the 300th (or 3,000th) time ;) 

I have a question that's not answered here...

Great! Use this contact form to get in touch, and let's talk.

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