Here are free resources for you to download for your own, personal use. 
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Have you ever purchased a new crystal you were so excited about...but then you weren't quite sure what, exactly, to do with it, so it just sat on a shelf?

I've got a solution for you!

This FREE guided meditation will walk you through a simple process to connect with your new crystal(s). Enjoy!





Have you ever wondered: 

- What do you do with your new crystals, once you bring them home? 
- How to clear or cleanse your crystals?
- Why people say that you should clear your crystals...and what that really means? 

If you answered "yes" to any of those, I've got a FREE pdf e-book for you, that goes over everything you need to know!








Have you ever wondered which crystals should be in every crystal lover's collection? Or which crystals are best to get started with?

There are so many to choose from...let us help!

This free pdf e-guide will walk you through 10 crystals for everyone: some of the basic stones that crystal lovers of all types use, recommend, and enjoy.






Found some new-to-you crystals in our first guide (10 Crystals for Everyone), but want even more? Awesome! Here are 10 MORE crystals for everyone.







Could you use a little more rest and relaxation in your life? We've got the perfect solution: Creating a high-vibe crystal bath!

Crystal baths can be used to help you to relax, rejuvenate, soak your muscles, take time for yourself, release the day, or for many other purposes.

This free pdf e-guide will walk you through the steps of creating a crystal bath for relaxation and wellbeing.