Renew: A Masterclass and Clearing and Cleansing

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This masterclass teaches you simple ways to clear and cleanse your space, your crystals, and yourself, with a focus on clearing out the stagnant - and bringing in fresh, new energy.

You'll lear about the connection between spring energy (when this masterclass was first offered) and space cleansing, as well as a video overview of crystals for spring: so it's perfect for spring, the equinox, the beginning of any month (fresh, "resetting" energy), or any time you feel like clearing the air.

This masterclass includes: 

  • Approx. 75 minutes of video-based instruction on space clearing, the energy of renewal, and crystals for spring
  • 10 journal prompts for the spring equinox
  • 40 ideas to harness the clearing, cleansing energy of spring

It's the perfect way to "spring forward" and connect with the energy of spring, cleansing, clearing, renewal, and rebirth.

This masterclass is available individually, for the price in this listing: or it is available as part of our Monthly Masterclass Pass Membership, at a reduced rate. To learn more and view the current membership rate, please click here.


* Masterclass will be instant access, with access information delivered via email - please be sure you enter your email address correctly at checkout and check your spam folder, if you haven't received the link after several minutes (give it 10-15 minute; sometimes it takes a bit for email servers to communicate)

* By purchasing this course, you agree to our standard disclaimers as well as our course terms. Mooncat Crystals cannot and does not guarantee any specific outcomes or results. 

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