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BALANCING:: Ametrine Tumbles (Choose Size and Quantity)

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Ametrine, with its blend of amethyst and citrine, is a stone of duality and harmony, merging the spiritual intuition of amethyst with the dynamic energy and abundance of citrine. This gemstone embodies balance, facilitating a seamless flow between your physical and spiritual selves. It sparks creativity and supports the manifestation of your dreams into reality, encouraging you to take decisive action while guided by a higher wisdom. Ametrine's vibrant energy dissolves the boundaries of the mind, allowing for a free exchange of ideas and insights, making it an exceptional ally for those seeking inspiration or grappling with complex challenges. It aids in overcoming fears and procrastination, instilling a sense of purpose and the courage to embrace change and transformation.

Ametrine also offers a grounding effect, stabilizing your emotions and clearing the mind of negativity. This stone promotes mental clarity and concentration, helping you to focus on what truly matters and to approach your goals with a strategic mind. Ametrine’s soothing properties alleviate stress and tension, inviting a sense of peace and well-being that supports your journey towards personal growth and self-improvement. It fosters an environment of optimism and joy, enhancing your ability to connect with others on a meaningful level. As you work with Ametrine, you'll discover a deeper understanding of your inner self and a renewed zest for life, empowered by the alignment of your actions and intentions with your spiritual path.

You will receive two (2) medium OR 4 (four) small stones {based on your selection} similar to those shown.