Ancient Water-Filled Enhydro Agate


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Enhydro agates are unique stones. Each one has ancient water inside, trapped there over time as the stone formed. Millions of years later, these stones have been found and polished thinly enough that they are translucent when held up to a strong light. Inside, you can see the trapped water as it bubbles and sloshes around.

These gorgeous, unique stones are said to help release old childhood patterning that no longer serves you. They are also said to help you re-connect with water and water energy, if you are in a place where you do not have regular access to a large body of water. Enhydro agates are also said to be greatly affected by the moon - as the moon affects water and there is typically a substantial amount of water inside of these agates, unlike many of the smaller “enhydros” (which are actually “fluid inclusions”) in quartz and amethyst crystals. Because of this, some say that it is especially helpful to charge your enhydro agates under moonlight.

Please note that some of these agates have water inclusions that are very easy to see, while others it may take some time for you to locate. We have hand-selected each of these, and have verified moving water. So, grab a strong light and hold your agate on top of it and see what you can find! You may have to move the light to shine into different parts of the stone and you will probably need to turn the agate or shake it lightly, to see the water move around inside. 

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