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COMMUNICATION-ENHANCING + ALIGNING:: Blue Kyanite with Garnet Palm Stone | Stock Z

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Blue Kyanite with its striking sapphire hue, is a powerful stone of communication and alignment, known for its ability to bridge gaps in understanding and to clear blockages in the energetic body. This crystal resonates with the throat chakra, enhancing your ability to speak your truth with clarity and confidence, and facilitating a deeper understanding between individuals. Blue Kyanite encourages self-expression and the articulation of one’s thoughts and feelings without fear of judgment or conflict. It's known for its exceptional ability to instantly align all the chakras and subtle bodies, creating a swift pathway to vibrant health and a balanced state of being. This stone does not hold negativity, making it unnecessary to cleanse; it encourages a peaceful flow of energy throughout your aura, promoting a sense of well-being and connectivity.

Blue Kyanite also fosters tranquility and a calm state of mind, making it an excellent tool for meditation and attunement. It aids in opening the mind to receive intuitive and psychic thoughts, as well as facilitating the recall of dreams and promoting healing dreams. Blue Kyanite supports spiritual growth and the exploration of one’s spiritual path, offering insights into your life’s purpose guided by your highest self. It dissolves feelings of anger, frustration, and confusion, replacing them with a serene acceptance and an elevated perspective. As you work with Blue Kyanite, you'll find it not only enhances your ability to communicate effectively but also deepens your connection to your inner wisdom, guiding you toward a path of authenticity, serenity, and spiritual enlightenment.

The striking blue kyanite in this palm stone is also UV reactive, meaning it glows under black light. 

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