Complete Chakra Care Kit | Chakra Crystal Set + eBook


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Everything you need to create a daily practice of balance, all for yourself. 

This all-in-one kit will help you slow down, take time for yourself, and help restore your body, spirit, and mind. 

This kit includes: 

  • A 14-page unboxing guide that walks you through everything in your kit and explains how (and why) to use it 
  • A 23-page, full-color ebook, all about working with the chakras: essential oils, frequencies, foods, crystals, colors, and affirmations for support and balance
  • A 13-page "About Your Chakra Crystals" guide with pictures and properties of each crystal included in your kit
  • A guided chakra meditation created and recorded exclusively for Mooncat Crystals (you'll get two tracks: one that includes all instructions to get started; and the exact same meditation without the instructions, for once you're comfortable with the process)
  • 1 Reiki-charged chakra crystal set (9 stones, carefully selected to support each chakra - including your grounding, soul-star chakra)
  • 1 selenite wand 
  • 1 white sage herb bundle
  • 1 Anointing Oil for overall chakra support: Choose from Meditation & Trance or Peace & Purification 
  • 1 carved wooden box (4" x 6") to hold all of your Chakra Ritual tools between uses. Choose from Tree of Life or Goddess

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