Chakra Support with Crystals | Course + Guided Meditation


Balance your chakras using crystals with this complete e-kit! Reset and recalibrate your energy with this downloadable workbook and 5-day course on using crystals (and other tools) for chakra balance. 

What You Will Learn

This contains contains everything you need, to work through your energetic centers to balance and restore them. 

You will learn: 

  • What the charkas are
  • Why the get to be out of balance
  • What each chakra represents 
  • How to re-balance them
  • What crystals support each chakra
  • How to journal your way to chakra balance 
  • How to balance your chakras through meditation 
  • What foods, essential oils, sounds, and more correspond with each chakra

In this course, you will find information about the chakra system, in-depth information on each chakra, crystals that can be used to support each chakra, gorgeous full-color images, a downloadable guided chakra balancing meditation, affirmations for each chakra, and more.

Your workbook will include: 

  • 63 full-color pages of downloadable content
  • An overview of the chakra system - including what it is and why it's important
  • In-depth information about each chakra
  • Full-color images to support your chakra work 
  • Affirmations for each chakra
  • Crystals suggestions to support each chakra
  • A guided meditation to balance your chakras 
  • Journal prompts for balancing your chakras 
  • A Pinterest inspiration board for each chakra 
  • More!

The workshop will be delivered via a downloadable pdf ebook. 

You are purchasing pdf e-book based, 5-day workshop. You will not receive a physical product. Crystals sold separately. Due to the nature of digital downloads and content, there are no refunds.

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