Natural Quartz Lamp


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Crystal lamps are perfect accents to your space - both during the day and at night. These crystals are the perfect combination of beauty + function! This beautiful quartz lamp displays as a large, natural quartz point during the day, and glows in the evening to bring some relaxing crystal healing energy to your space in the evening. They are perfect by your bed, in your meditation space, in your living room, or anywhere else you need some quartz crystal energy.

Clear Quartz Metaphysical and Energetic Properties: Primarily, clear quartz is used as an amplifier – it can amplify the properties of other stones. This is also one of its uses in everyday life: as a way to move energy from one place to another, such as in electronics. Quartz is also easily programmable: When you set your intentions for the stone, it can help to amplify that energy, whether it be for abundance, love, or peace.
In ancient times, quartz was thought to be water that was so deeply frozen that it became permanently crystallized.
You will receive the exact (1) stone shown.



**Please note: this lamp does not have a notch cut out in the back for the cord. It still sits sufficiently flat over the cord, or you can easily fix this with a set of the inexpensive clear rubber stick on “feet” you can buy at most stores that sell home improvement hardware

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