30-Day Crystal Reset | Starts January 2, 2020


The New Year, Even Better You 30-Day Energy Reset

By the end of this 30 days, you’ll have created a more beautiful life with crystals. You’ll also know 30 simple crystal practices you can use - any time - to boost your mood, raise your energy, and bring more beauty into your life.

Please be sure to include your email address at checkout - that is how you will receive your 30 daily crystal practices!

Learn more at: https://mooncatcrystals.com/pages/30-day-reset

The Details: 

You will receive one email daily, every day for 30 days, beginning on January 2. I will guide you through 30 different daily exercises you can use immediately, to feel more balanced, grounded, and clear.

This reset includes:

  • » 30 crystal tips, tricks, ideas, practices, and suggestions that you can implement right away, delivered right to your inbox every day
  • » 2 guided meditations
  • » 1 live Q+A session
  • » An 18-piece crystal and sage kit that will give you everything you need to complete the daily suggestions. I'll suggest some optional crystals and ideas to upgrade your practice; but you will be able to do everything in the basic reset using this crystal kit
  • » One group distance reiki session
  • » BONUS: A full-color pdf e-guide to the crystals in your kit
  • » BONUS: Crystals for Self Care + Relaxation pdf e-guide
  • » BONUS: Mini pyrite cluster

We’re in the last month of this decade - let’s go into the new year ready to make YOU a priority. 2020 is going to be amazing - I'll see you there!

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