Mini Rutilated Quartz Tumbles | 100g Lot


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Rutilated quartz is characterized by "threads" or "needles" (called rutile) that run through it. These threads can be golden in color, like in the picture above; silver-colored; black; or red. The rutile growing inside of these quartz crystals can be thin or sparse and can grow all in the same director or in multiple directions. When the rutile forms in a "spray," reaching out in all directions, this is referred to as a rutile "star." Rutilated quartz is said to stabilize, clarify, and energize, and is also said to be helpful in connecting to your divine purpose. It is most commonly found in clear quartz - strengthening the commonly-noted amplification properties of the quartz even more. Rutile can also be found in smoky quartz.


You will recieve one (1) lot of stones, similar to those shown. A sample 100g lot is shown.

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