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Mompreneur Crystal Kit + eBook

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We see you, Mom on a Mission: you want all the best for you and your family. You work hard. You love hard. You're not supposed to do it all alone - so let us help! This crystal kit was designed for YOU: It comes with everything you need, to support yourself and your business, so you can be the best support for your family. 

Your kit will come with: 

  • Rose quartz, for compassion and self care
  • Sodalite, to speak (and be heard) clearly
  • Carnelian, for a non-coffee energy boost 
  • Amethyst, for intuition
  • Black tourmaline, for grounding and centering when things are hectic
  • Citrine, to call in those money vibes
  • Selenite, to clear away all that noise at the end of the day
  • Loose sage, to clear your space (and mind - breathe deep and enjoy)
  • An affirmation card to remind you that YOU are the creator of your life

You’ll also receive: 

  • A 20-page, full-color pdf ebook with more information on everything in your kit
  • Two guided meditations (5 and 10 minutes). Listen to a sample of one of the meditations, to hear an example of the style you can expect.
  • Information on how to use each of the crystals in your kit
  • Affirmations for each of the crystals in your kit

It's the perfect kit for the start or end of your day, or for anytime you need a break. 


You will receive one (1) kit, similar to the one shown. Your e-book will be available on the order confirmation page after successful checkout and is automatically delivered to the email address you use during check out.