Natural Smoky Citrine Tower | Chip at Tip

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**Please note: there is a small chip at the tip, as well as a couple of pre-polishing blemishes on the right back edge. Please be certain you have reviewed the images thoroughly, as there will be no refunds or returns on this item.**

Citrine is the stone of abundance, manifestation, creativity, and strong 3rd chakra/solar plexus energy. It is warming, sunny, and uplifting. Citrine is also a variety of quartz - this time, one that reflects the yellow to yellow-orange light spectrum.

Smoky quartz is a great crystal for grounding and for calling in Earth energy. It is also a fantastic stone for clearing negativity, or absorbing negative energy. It can help with feelings of ungroundedness, emotional upset, and difficulty in communicating. Smoky quartz is also said to provide psychic protection as well as ward off bad dreams.

Smoky citrine is a combination of both smoky quartz and citrine - it has the dark brown, smoke-colored hue of smoky quartz, as well as the yellow color of citrine - and combines the properties of both. Smoky citrine is said to help you draw in abundance while also staying grounded.

Phantoms are growth lines visible inside of a crystal. They are evidence of starts and stops in the life cycle of the crystal and are said to help you connect with past lives and the Akashic records. They are also said to help with deep healing, spiritual transformation, and connecting with the Earth.  

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