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PROTECTING + RELEASING:: Obsidian Egg - Medium

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Obsidian, your powerful protective ally, acts as a shield against negativity and psychic stress. This volcanic glass is not just a stone; it's a guardian, absorbing negative energies from your surroundings and blocking psychic attacks. Imagine Obsidian as a mirror, reflecting back any ill will or harmful thoughts, keeping your energy field clear and clean. It's particularly beneficial for those who are sensitive or empathic, providing a safe energetic space to remain grounded and centered. Obsidian encourages you to face your true self, bringing to light the hidden aspects of your personality and life. It challenges you to grow, heal, and transform by confronting and releasing outdated patterns, fears, and blockages.

Beyond its protective qualities, Obsidian is a catalyst for change and personal growth. It sharpens your inner and outer vision, helping you to gain insight into the root causes of life's challenges. This stone promotes clarity of mind and strengthens your resolve, empowering you to discover your personal power and resilience. With Obsidian by your side, you are better equipped to navigate life's storms, turning obstacles into opportunities for growth. It supports you in your journey towards healing and self-discovery, encouraging a deep and profound inner healing process. Embrace the strength and protection of Obsidian, and step into your power with confidence and courage.

Its egg shape symbolizes new beginnings and growth, making it a perfect addition to any meditation or manifestation practice.

You will receive one (1) piece, similar to the one shown.