3 Card Oracle Reading


What are the energies around you right now? What steps can you take, to help you manifest your intentions? What does the Universe want you to know?

For these readings, you can choose from the following oracle decks:

  • Earth Magic Oracle
  • Threads of Fate 
  • Black Moon Astrology 
  • The Halloween Oracle

You can either state your question ("What is the energy around [my new business/my romantic relationship/my job]" or "What is some guidance for [this situation]?") or simply ask for some general guidance, if you don't have a specific question in mind. Please note your question, if you have one, in the notes upon checkout. If there are no notes, I will provide a general reading.

When you purchase a reading, you'll get a picture of your card or spread, as well as a brief summary of the card's meaning and how it may apply to your situation or question.

If that sounds like just what you need, choose a number of cards for your reading and let's get started! I can't wait to see what kind of wisdom the cards have in store for you :)

Please note that all readings can take up to 7 days for delivery. 
Please note that this is an electronic delivery only - there is NO physical product!

***Mooncat Crystals Disclaimer: This reading is for entertainment purposes and coaching only. I am not a licensed counselor, spiritual advisor, or therapist of any type. If you are experiencing any kind of physical, mental, or emotional health issues, please seek the help of a licensed medical professional.***

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