Selenite Harmonizers | Set of 2


Use these selenite harmonizers to clear and recharge your energy field. Sit or lay with one in each hand, close your eyes, and breathe in and out while you envision the columns of light clearing your field, dissolving any energetic blockages, and bringing in white light. 

Selenite Properties 

Selenite is a glowy, ethereal-looking stone that helps clear out low or stagnant energy and bring in high vibes. It's typically easy to find carved into a number of forms, including lamps like this one, hearts, spheres, sticks, logs, wands, pyramids, and more.

Chakra Association: Crown

Crown chakra

Astrological Association: Taurus


Product Specifics

You will receive two (2) selenite harmonizers (i.e., one pair), similar to the ones shown in these images. Please note that these are natural stones and, as such, will have minor variations in appearance. 


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