Spread Crystal Love™ Pouch | Set of Rose Quartz Crystals


You are Love. 

Love is what fuels your soul, what pumps through your heart into your body, and what guides your actions. All people are looking for love (and we don’t just mean romantic love), even if they don’t know it. Love is what moves us all.

Keep a Stone, Give a Stone

Rose Quartz has many different healing and spiritual uses you can use in your own life or offer as advice to friends who may need it. Give your second Rose Quartz stone to a friend, lover, partner, sibling, parent, stranger, teacher...or anyone else you encounter that could use something to brighten their day. 

Visit www.spreadcrystallove.com to learn more about rose quartz and the Spread Crystal Love™ project. 

This listing is for one (1) Spread Crystal Love™ pouch.  Each pouch comes with two (2) rose quartz tumbles and a card that describes the Spread Crystal Love project. 

They’re priced at just $5.28 to match the frequency of love - 528hz. So, every time your purchase a crystal love pouch, know that it starts as a transaction of love between us and you 😊💜

Looking for enough Spread Crystal Love™ pouches for your wedding, event, or shop? Please get in touch at kristen@mooncatcrystals.com. We can accommodate orders of all sizes!

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