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The ALIGN Bundle: Special Offer


The ALIGN bundle is the perfect way to reset, when you are feeling stressed out, stagnant, or confused...and one session just isn't going to do. 

With this bundle, we work together for three weeks, to get you clear, focused, and back on track - so you can stop feeling "off" and start feeling like yourself again.

In this 3-week energetic immersion, you'll get: 

☆ 3 affirmations to start each week, delivered right to your inbox
☆ 3 psychic readings with channeled guidance for any area of your life. These are approximately 15-20 minute sessions, held via Zoom.
☆ 3 distance crystal healing sessions. These are done fully remotely (offline), at a scheduled time. After your session, I will send you an overview and any notes about what came up.

Before our first session, you'll fill out a questionnaire about what would like to work on, throughout our three weeks. There will also be plenty of room for things to come up organically.

BONUS: $111 in specifically chosen crystals, just for you, for FRE 

Relax your body and mind. Rediscover your potential. Bring back your clarity. Align with your highest self.

Once you purchase this listing, I will be in touch within 24-48 hours, with next steps and to schedule your sessions.


As with all of our coaching, reading, and energy healing packages, our standard disclaimer applies.

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