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PURIFICATION, VITALITY, WISDOM:: Thyme Smoke Cleansing Wand | ~4” Bundle

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Thyme cleansing bundles, with their rich, herbaceous aroma, serve as potent tools for purification, healing, and the enhancement of courage and strength. This venerable herb, known since ancient times for its powerful protective properties, is ideal for cleansing your space of negative vibrations and energies, creating a sanctuary of peace and well-being. Thyme is celebrated for its ability to foster a clear and positive environment, encouraging the flow of uplifting energies. When used in smoke cleansing, thyme bundles help to dispel feelings of malaise or lethargy, replacing them with vitality and a renewed sense of purpose. This herb aids in fortifying your personal boundaries, protecting against emotional drain and enhancing your resilience against external influences.

In addition to their purifying effects, thyme bundles are imbued with the capacity to promote a deeper connection to one’s inner wisdom and intuition, facilitating clarity of thought and a heightened awareness of the subconscious mind. Thyme encourages bravery and boldness, empowering you to confront fears and obstacles with a heart fortified by courage and a spirit enlivened by hope. It is particularly beneficial for those undergoing transitions or seeking to overcome challenges, as it instills a sense of determination and steadfastness. Thyme’s energy supports healing on all levels, promoting not only physical wellness but also emotional and spiritual rejuvenation. As you incorporate thyme cleansing bundles into your spiritual practice, you’ll discover they not only cleanse and protect but also inspire growth, wisdom, and a fearless pursuit of your highest aspirations, guiding you toward a path of balance, renewal, and profound inner strength.

Smoke cleansing (or just "clearing" or “sageing”) is a way to clear the air in your home or space, to get rid of any negative, stuck, or low-vibration energy using the smoke from a burning bunch - or "wand" - of sage leaves. There is also some scientific evidence that suggests smoke cleansing may help clear the bacteria out of your space!

These desert sage herb bundles can help you clear the air in your home. Please never leave burning herbs or wood unattended. 

Need a step-by-step guide on clearing your space with herbs? Just click on the image below!

This listing is for one (1) sage bundle. Crystals/accessories are not included.