15 Things I Did to Heal From Cancer

Being diagnosed with cancer means a lot of things. And the healing process is long, hard, and not always straightforward.

Here are some of the things I did during my journey, to help me heal.

  1. Took allll my meds

  2. Saw all the doctors 

  3. …and then saw some more

  4. Allowed help

  5. Rested 

  6. Looked for the lessons (there were some big ones)

  7. Practiced GRATITUDE…even for the cancer. You can think cancer is a real b!tch and also be grateful for the lessons, opportunities, and shifts

  8. Snuggled cats (key)

  9. Kept crystals close by 

  10. Trusted my energy healer 

  11. Advocated for myself - and asked lots of questions 

  12. I never, EVER, not once thought of chemo as poison. I walked into EVERY infusion ready to go, with unshakeable belief that it was going to flow through all of my veins and blood vessels and get rid of the cancer. In fact, my top favorite chemo drug (I was on 3) was the harshest one. It’s commonly nicknamed “the red devil” because of its color and effects. And honestly, I don’t even like writing that here: we did a lot of cancer-killing together (I could feel my tumor shrink after each infusion) and I’m forever grateful. 

  13. Took supplements (but only as recommended by my naturopathic oncologist. Some supplements that protect your cells from chemo ALSO protect the cancer cells - so it’s important to have a doctor who knows what they are talking about advise you on what to take, when)

  14. I kept moving (exercise and taking steps in treatment). Exercise is important during treatment (but, as always, talk to your oncologist to make sure that it is right for you)

  15. I let myself feel. It’s scary. It’s sad. It’s infuriating. It’s surprising af. And it’s okay to feel all of those (and more). In fact, it’s healthy (and necessary) to do so. Always feeling “hi vibe” isn’t real - it invalidates our real feelings. But it’s also important not to overly dwell in those places. Feel them. Acknowledge them. And then, return to gratitude, hope, and perseverance.