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Article: Ease Stress with Blue Crystals

Celestite crystals for stress and anxiety

Ease Stress with Blue Crystals

What is it that you want in your life? Less stress? More rest? How about making your wellness a priority?

The great news is, making time for yourself doesn't really have to be that complicated. It doesn't have to mean that you sit for an hour in meditation (although that's really great to do!), or take a 90-minute yoga class (although I bet it would feel amazing), or even involve a lot of products.

In fact, it could be as simple as a short activity designed to help you recalibrate your energy through crystal attunement.

What's that you say? You could use a break right now? Perfect! Here's a crystal exercise you can try:

Easy Crystal Meditation for Relaxation

Grab a light blue stone, if you have one: blue calcite, celestite, or blue lace agate would be perfect. If you don't have any of those, try a piece of clear quartz. Find a quiet place, sit down in a comfortable position, and close your eyes. Hold the crystal in your hands and place your hands in your lap. 

Roll your eyes up (keep them closed), as if you were looking at your third eye (right between your brows). Breathe in. Hold it at the top for just a second, and release. Breathe in again, deeper this time - holding at the top - and then release all the air. Picture your day/stress/frustration leaving your body with each exhale. Repeat this once more - in, hold, out - and then breathe normally. 

Keeping your eyes closed, focus on the crystal you are holding. See and feel it start to emit a beautiful light blue glow. As you breathe and relax, this glow gets bigger and bigger, enveloping you in a beautiful, calming light blue and white light. Let it swirl around you and feel it clearing away and dissolving any stressful, frantic, or nervous energy. Don't forget to keep breathing. 

Sit like this for as long as you feel comfortable - try for about five minutes, but feel free to stay longer, if it feels good. Once you are ready, wiggle your fingers and toes, blink your eyes open, and stretch if you need to. You may even want to breathe in deeply and then sigh any last tension out. You are welcome to keep the energy of this bubble with you throughout your day, or visualize yourself stepping out of it when you are ready.

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