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Article: Everyday Uses for Crystals

Everyday Uses for Crystals

Everyday Uses for Crystals

What should you "do" with crystals? How do you use crystals in your home?

Here are three simple ways you can use crystals in your everyday life - whether you have a lot or just a few!

Carry them in your pocket 

Obviously, this works best with small crystals. Tumbled (polished to be smooth) crystals also work best. This way, of course, they don't poke into you throughout the day. Crystals have energetic and metaphysical properties: some are good for attracting love and compassion (like rose quartz); some are known for their calming vibes (like blue calcite); and others are said to help with clarity (like amethyst).

How can you use crystals this way? 

It's easy! Simply grab a crystal you are drawn to that day, or choose one based on common crystal properties and carry it in your pocket. Let the crystal remind you throughout the day - when you put your hand in your pocket, or move and feel it there - of your purpose for choosing it and take a moment to remember how you want to feel.

Decorate with them 

We get it - crystals are pretty! Crystals can be used in home décor and home furnishing. Crystals are commonly made into lamps and candle holders - as well as counter tops, end tables, coffee tables, door knobs, sinks, and more. You can find crystal-patterned wall paper, crystal paintings and portraits, and other crystal-inspired accents for your home. 

How can you use crystals this way? 

It's easy! Consider using a crystal lamp on your night stands, instead of regular lights. I have salt lamps on my nightstands and love the soft, calming glow they give. Amethyst lamps would be great for this, as well! You might also try adding a large geode to your bathroom counter, for some added sparkle.

Or, try an amethyst cathedral to complement your purple-hued walls. Medium-sized crystals can make great accents on a bookshelf or side table. And smaller crystals can be placed together in a dish or bowl for display, or can even be used in a planter to add an earthy accent.

Use a crystal to help you focus and relax 

Stop for a second and take a good look at a crystal. Think about how it formed. If it has transparent crystals, look into them: are they watery? “Crystal” clear? Do they have inclusions? Is it flashy? Are there rainbows inside? It’s enough to take you away from whatever you’re dealing with – even for a few moments – and get lost in their uniqueness.

How can you use crystals this way? 

While holding your crystal (if it's small enough) or sitting near it (if it's larger), close your eyes (if you'd like to, and are in a place where you feel comfortable doing so), take a few deep breaths, and really stop to look at your crystal.

Pay attention to the colors, clarity, shape, and structure of the crystal(s). Think about how it came from deep inside the Earth. Take just a few moments (or as long as you'd like) to simply enjoy your crystal and the connect it brings to the Earth, through its beauty, uniqueness, and energy.

You can do this anywhere - even in the bath tub, if that's relaxing to you! Just make sure that you know your crystal is safe in water (some are not), or make sure you do not get it wet, if you're not sure. 

Bonus: Meditate with them

You don't have to be a guru of any sort to meditate with crystals. You also don't need to ascribe to any certain religion, beliefs, or practices to meditate. And you certainly don't need to sit for an hour (or two, or four) to get benefits from meditation. 

How can you use crystals this way? 

So what do you need? A quiet space. A few minutes. And a crystals. Sounds pretty simple, right? Great news: It absolutely can be. 

To do this style (if you can even call it a "style"...) of meditation, grab your crystal. Sit in a comfortable position on the floor, in a chair, on the couch, or even in bed: the point is to get comfortable, in a position and place where you can stay for a few minutes (as few as 3, or as many as you'd like!). Hold your crystal in your hands and rest them in your lap. Close your eyes, then take a few deep breaths in and out. Focus on your crystal, with your eyes closed. Just relax. Breathe normally. And try to stay aware of your crystal. How does it feel, physically? Do you sense any energy from it? Don't force this: the point is really to relax and enjoy the moment.

When you're ready, slowly come back by moving your fingers and toes, doing some gentle stretches, and, finally, opening your eyes. 


So there you have it! Super simple ways you can use crystals in your daily life. We hope that you find a perfect way to use your crystals - even if it's just placing them on a shelf and enjoying their beauty.

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