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Article: Programming a Crystal: 3 Simple Steps

Woman holding a crystal between her hands

Programming a Crystal: 3 Simple Steps

Programming your crystals

What does it mean to program a crystal?

Programming your crystal is, at its core, giving it a clear purpose - or job - in your life. Programming a crystal refers to the process of clearing it, creating a specific intention, and then focusing on infusing this intention into your crystal.

Why program your crystals?  

Much of the "magic" in working with crystals is in your intentions. Intentions create a specific, defined purpose or goal to focus your energy. Crystals can help to support this energy, remind you of your intentions, and help create a physical way to connect with this intention or goal.

When you program your crystal, you are setting your crystal - and yourself - up to assist you in manifesting this goal or intention. If you don't like the idea of "programming" your crystal, you could also call it intention-setting.

How to program your crystal

Step 1: Get clear

To set an intention for your crystal, you want to do a few things: Consider what you really want, in very specific terms (i.e., how much? When? How will you feel when that has happened? What does your life look like? Etc. ).

  • Focus on the positive: no negative words! The brain internalizes these first - so keep it worded with only the good things (i.e., I am always on time instead of I will stop being so late). 
  • State it as if it has already happened
  • Believe it will happen; feel how you would feel, if this was your reality
You may wish to start by writing out your intention on a piece of paper, when you are beginning or if it feels difficult. That way, you'll remember what it is when you come up with wording you love.

Step 2: Infuse your crystal with your intention

Once you have your intention, hold your cleansed crystal, close your eyes, take a deep breath, focus, and speak your intention to your crystal. End your intention statement with, "and so it is" - or some variation of that, that closes your intention and reaffirms your belief that it will happen.

Step 3: Hold the vision

Here's the part where you add the practical, to the spiritual/energetic work: Now that you've set your intention and have spoken it into your crystal, you have to hold the vision.
What does that mean? Well, remember the beliefs and the feelings we discussed above: truly believing that it's happening, feeling the way it feels to live in that reality, and focusing on the best outcome? We keep doing that, over and over. Let your crystal keep you on track to recall all of this, any time you fall out of this state.
Of course things will (try to) shake your belief. Of course things will happen and you will doubt. That is completely normal. But it's also where the work comes in. The good news is, you've got your crystal to help you with this work! Every time you see it, remember your intention. Every time you touch it, remember your intention. Hold it. Meditate with it. Let it help you feel into your desires, and how it feels to have them. Feel. See. Believe. Trust. Relax into your desire.
Know it is safe, for it to be your reality.
Happy intention setting! xo

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