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Gorgeous crystals to create your most beautiful life

Earth Magic + Sacred Soul Healing

Crystals, sage, and holistic tools to help you reconnect with the earth and with yourself

Beauty, Magic, Mystery

Create a beautiful space that nourishes you

Chakra Crystal Sets

Create a daily practice of balance, all for yourself

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Pillows and Home Decor

Crystal-inspired pillows & prints to bring even more beauty into your home

Crystal Reiki

Distance Reiki sessions to help calm your mind, relax your body, and nourish your spirit

Tanks, Tees, and Leggings

Comfy, crystal-inspired apparel to fit your lifestyle

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I Hate Rose Quartz - Now What?

I Hate Rose Quartz - Now What?

People often ask if they “should” like rose quartz - or “what’s wrong” with them, that they don’t. So is rose quartz such a quintessential stone that, if you don’t like it, there must be something wrong with you?  
Everyday Uses for Crystals

Everyday Uses for Crystals

What should you "do" with crystals?  Here are three simple ways you can use crystals in your everyday life - whether you have a lot or just a few!...
Online Course: Intro to Crystals + Basic Crystal Uses

Online Course: Intro to Crystals + Basic Crystal Uses

If you love crystals - but aren't really sure what to do with them - this is the perfect practical course for you!

Crystals, sage, and essential oils to help you raise your vibration

Sage wands, smoke cleansing tools, essential oils, and jewelry to help you connect, find joy, enhance your life, create space, and cultivate peace. Find something perfect for you!

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Gorgeous hand-selected crystals from around the world

Explore the energy of Brazil, Madagascar, China, Morocco, India, Mexico, or even Peru without leaving your couch. Choose "Shop the World" to explore crystals by country!

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New to crystals? Learn how to use them in your home and life

Courses and information to expand your knowledge of crystals and crystal properties, holistic and metaphysical tools and topics, and more. Learn something new today!

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