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Article: Why You Shouldn't Charge Your Crystals Under the Full Moon

A woman holding a large selenite sphere that looks like the full moon

Why You Shouldn't Charge Your Crystals Under the Full Moon

Should I charge crystals under the full moon? woman holding moon

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Don't charge your crystals under the full moon.

Wait, what??

It's so common to hear every month, that you “should” charge your crystals under the full moon. "Don't forget to put them out in the moonlight tonight so they charge under the full moon!"

But that's not the full story.

There's a part of this that no one is talking about, regarding why you should or should not charge your crystals under the moon. And that part is: whether or not you want to.

The full moon can be a time of incredible energy: but, don't forget, that the specifics of that full moon change each month, based on the astrological association the moon is paired with. It also changes based on your own astrology - and what's going on in your life. In addition, we all feel differently during the full moon: some of us are energized by it; others of us would prefer to sleep through the entire thing.

All in all, there is a lot you may want to consider, when you decide whether or not to charge your crystals in the light of the full moon.

So should you charge your crystals under the full moon?

The answer is: it depends.

Crystals do not “need” to be charged under moonlight: they have plenty of energy on their own. They don't need to be charged in order to “work" or be “better” or to be “more helpful” or to be “cleansed” (the moon does not “cleanse” crystals - but that's a story for another time ;) ).

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Similarly, charging them under the full moon doesn't mean your crystals will work “better” - it just means that the energy from the full moon will influence your crystals' energy, so it will be slightly different.

There is no rule, no obligation, no requirement, and no need to put them out under the full moon.

If you enjoy the energy of the full moon and you want to - put them out! Let them soak up the energy of the full moon, so that those energies can be reflected in the energy of your crystal(s). It can be an absolutely beautiful practice, and an excellent opportunity to consider how you are “(re)charging” yourself - and what the current moon means to you.

If you don't enjoy it, you don't connect to the full moon, and/or it makes you feel tired or weird, then don't put them out. And definitely don't feel bad about that.

We get to own our crystal practice. We get to choose what feels aligned for us. We get to listen to our inner knowing - and our crystals - and decide how to care for them and for ourselves.

Crystals to try:

Wondering which crystals are great for any full moon? Give selenite, moonstone, and/or quartz a try.

Why these crystals?

Each full moon offers a time of illumination, increased intuition, and heightened energy. Certain crystals, such as Selenite, Moonstone, and Clear Quartz, can help you harness these potent lunar energies in meaningful ways.

Selenite: Known for its high vibrational energy and ability to cleanse other crystals, Selenite can provide a powerful connection to the lunar cycle. During a full moon, it can be used to purify your space, cleanse your energy, and open up your crown chakra for enhanced intuition and spiritual insight.

Moonstone: True to its name, Moonstone has a natural affinity with lunar energy. This gemstone can help balance emotions and promote a sense of tranquility during the heightened emotional state that can often occur during a full moon. Moonstone also encourages intuition and empathy, making it a great crystal to use for reflection and understanding during a full moon.

Clear Quartz: As a master healer and amplifier, Clear Quartz can be used during a full moon to enhance the power of your intentions. This crystal is known for its ability to hold and amplify energy, making it an excellent tool for full moon rituals or manifestations. It can help you harness the powerful energy of the full moon to supercharge your intentions and bring about positive changes in your life.

Using these crystals during the full moon can enhance your connection with lunar energy and help you leverage this period for personal growth and spiritual development.

Whether you're looking to cleanse your energy, deepen your intuition, or supercharge your manifestations, these crystals can be powerful allies in your lunar practices.


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Wishing you a beautiful full moon! xo

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