Smoke Cleansing: Step-by-Step

How to smoke cleanse with sage: An easy step by step guide

Interested in sage cleansing or smoke cleansing with sage or other dried herbs, but not sure where to start? Check out this FREE step-by-step guide, to clearing your home or space! We'll show you the tools, steps, and how-to, to feel confident giving this high-vibe practice a try! 

Clear the air, lighten up your space, and make room for fresh, new, super-charged energy!

Smoke cleansing (sometimes called “smudging” or “sageing”) is a way to clear the air in your home or space, to get rid of any negative, stuck, or low-vibration energy using the smoke from a burning bunch - or "wand" - of sage leaves. There is also some scientific evidence that suggests smoke cleansing may help clear the bacteria out of your space!

Step 1: Gather Your Tools 

  • Herbs: Pre-made, dried herb and/or sage wands can be found online or in many holistic or metaphysical shops. Many of these wands or loose herbs include lavender or different varieties of sage* (such as mountain sage or desert sage), herbs, or woods; choose one you are interested in! We have some available in our shop!  You can also make your own, if you'd like - but this will take a bit longer, as you'll need to let your bundle dry for a few weeks before you use it.
  • Jar candle, preferably white: White candles symbolize purification and divine light - so it's the perfect candle color for clearing your space. I prefer to use beeswax candles with cotton wicks, since they have the added benefit of emitting negative ions while they burn (and no harmful chemicals!), which are are also helpful in clearing the air.
  • Matches: Some people prefer the simplicity and ritual of using matches; but a lighter works just fine, too!
  • Heat-safe dish: You can use something as simple as a ceramic bowl or mug, or something dedicated to this purpose, such as a ritual bowl.
  • Salt: Any kind will do - but fine-grained will work best for this, since we'll be using it to extinguish our sage wand. You can also use it if you need to temper or fully extinguish your wand unexpectedly for any reason, while you are smudging.
  • Feather or fan: You can use a simple feather or a beautiful feather fan; there are many made and sold online, or there are tutorials that show you how to make your own with easy-to-find materials.

* The white sage sold at Mooncat Crystals is organic and farmed. This ensures that we are not contributing to diminishing sources of naturally-growing wild white sage. 

Step 2: Prep Your Tools and Space

  • Open a window or door in each room - even if it's just a little bit! The energy that's leaving will need somewhere to go.
  • Light your candle. As always, never leave a burning candle unattended and be careful that you are following common sense, safe use practices!
  • Add the salt to the bottom of your ritual bowl or other heat-safe vessel. This will help you extinguish the sage wand, when you are ready.
  • Light your herb bundle, using the candle flame. Let the leaves at the large or "top" end burn for a few seconds, then gently blow it out. You want it to be gently smoking; not still producing flames. Again - common sense safety is key, since we're working with fire and smoldering herbs!
  • Set your herb bundle in your dish, grab your feather, and get ready to clear your space!

Step 3: Clear Your Space 

  • Start in the back of your home; we'll start clearing from the far inside, moving the energy out towards the door.
  • Set an intention for your time, such as to clear out any energy that is no longer serving your highest good AND to bring in (or make space for) fresh, new, beneficial energy.
  • Holding your heat safe dish in one hand and your feather in the other, use the feather to waft the smoke throughout each room, ideally following the lines of the room: edges of walls, doors, shelves, and furniture. Make sure you get some of the smoke into corners and other spaces where there is not much airflow and/or bright light.
  • Move through your home room by room in the same manner, and usher out the low, stale, or stagnant energy.
  • Step 4: End Your Smoke Cleansing Session 
  • Once you've made it through each room, it's time to extinguish your herb wand. You can do this by snuffing it out in the salt you put in your heat-safe dish, or by running it under some water until it is completely out. If you still have your candle lit, make sure to extinguish that, as well!
  • Close your intention: Set the intention that your space is now clear of any low-frequency energy and has been filled with high-vibe, clear energy. If it feels appropriate, you can also thank the Universe, Spirit, or any other guide(s), for your newly clear, positive space.
  • Notice how your space feels now: Does it feel lighter? Clearer? Easier?
  • Enjoy! The herb smell will dissipate over the next few hours as you enjoy your fresh, clear space.