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Article: Crystals to Start Your Day

morning ritual routine with crystals

Crystals to Start Your Day

crystals to start your day

Create a morning routine with crystals

Are you a morning person? We all know that a morning routine is an essential way to treat ourselves and our bodies well and get into the right mindset for the day...but they can be hard to implement and even harder to make a habit.

If you're looking for an easy, enjoyable, crystal-infused morning routine, we've got a few tips! Keep reading for some ways to get your morning off to a great start.

Crystals (of course!)

One way to super charge your morning is with crystals. You may want to try something like hematite, to help you get grounded, ease any negative feelings, and balance your energy. Or, you may want to try a fiery stone like carnelian, to stimulate your energy, boost your confidence, and get your creativity flowing. 

Sage, Herbs, Spray, or Smoke 

Start your day with a simple olfactory reset: smell something good to get you going! Try burning a bit of sage or rosemary for clearing, smelling your favorite essential oil, or spraying your favorite uplifting scent.


Before the day gets going, give yourself some time to unwind, relax, and tune in. Even a few minutes of meditation can help ease your mind and calm your nervous system (use a crystal along with your meditation, to boost the effects).

Not sure where to start? Give this 5-minute breathing meditation a try!

Start a New Morning Habit (or Two!)

What are some things you can do in the morning - maybe even before breakfast - that will give you a quick win and help you get ready for your day? Here are a few ideas - choose the ones that fit with your routine and will make you feel good. Remember that this isn't supposed to make things harder - so focus on positive changes you can implement, to help support you and make your life easier ;) 

  • Make a gratitude list. Express thanks for the best things in your life. Include your loved ones, talents, and experiences.
  • Pause for meditation. Take a moment to meditate even before your feet hit the floor.
  • Drink water. Rehydrate before your morning cup of coffee. Keep some drinking water on your nightstand.
  • Strategize like a boss. Plan your itinerary. You'll tackle your tasks more efficiently and free up more time to devote to your priorities.
  • Read something enriching. Pick up a book of inspirational quotes or brush up on world history. Learn something new every day.

Want to Really Make-Over Your Morning?

We've got you covered! We've carefully curated the perfect tools for you, in our Morning Makeover eBook + Crystal Kit!

This uplifting kit was created to support: focus, energy, confidence, intentional action, and a clear mind. 

This eBook + kit includes: 

  • Carnelian, for energy, vitality, and motivation
  • Quartz, for clarity and versatility
  • Sodalite, for communication, intuition, and rational thinking
  • Hematite, for grounding, balance, and focus
  • Loose sage, to clear your space (and mind - breathe deeply and enjoy)
  • An affirmation card to remind you to stay present and focused
  • Pocket crystal properties cards, so you can have them right at your fingertips
  • Guided meditations, to help you start your day in the right vibe
  • BONUS: Morning Makeover: 21 Ways to Make Your Day - Before Breakfast

This e-book will introduce you to the crystals in your kit, as well as how to work with them. There are also affirmations for each crystal.

Grab your kit today - and start creating better mornings tomorrow!


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