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Article: 3 Easy Ways to Cleanse and Recharge Your Crystals

woman cleansing and charging her crystals

3 Easy Ways to Cleanse and Recharge Your Crystals

How do you cleanse your crystals?

You've found a gorgeous new crystal (or three)! When you bring your crystal home, especially if you'll be using it for any type of energy or metaphysical work, it's important to "clear" or "cleanse" your crystal.

Cleansing your new crystals helps to optimize their energetic properties and ensure that you're working with their pure vibrations. It’s also a great way to take care of your crystals and keep them energetically strong.

Here are a few reasons why cleansing is recommended

Clearing Previous Energies

Crystals can absorb and retain energies from various sources, including the mining process, transportation, handling, and previous owners - in short, your crystal may be handled by a lot of people before it comes to you. Cleansing eliminates any unwanted energy that may be present, allowing the crystal to align with your own intentions and energy.

Restoring Vibrancy

Crystals have their own unique frequencies and vibrations, which may become dull or imbalanced over time. Cleansing revitalizes and restores their natural state of energy, enhancing their effectiveness in healing, manifestation, and spiritual practices.

Personalization and Intention

Cleansing is a powerful practice to establish a fresh energetic foundation for your personal connection with the crystal. It enables you to infuse your intentions, energy, and purpose into the crystal, creating a harmonious partnership between you and the stone.

Enhanced Sensitivity

Cleansed crystals tend to be more sensitive and receptive to energy. By cleansing them regularly, you can heighten your ability to attune to their subtle vibrations, facilitating a deeper connection and more profound experiences.

Ritual and Sacredness

Cleansing crystals can be seen as a sacred act, honoring the natural cycles and energies of the Earth. It can serve as a ritualistic practice, allowing you to connect with the crystal on a spiritual level and set the stage for intentional and mindful interactions.

None of this means that your crystal has "bad" or even "negative" energy…or even that it won’t work, just like it is when it makes its way to you: it just means that you want your crystal to be just for you and to work just with your own energy - and so it's best to clear out any vibes that might have been picked up on it's way to you. 

sage cleansing

Cleansing Your Crystals

Here are a few different ways to cleanse your crystal: choose the one that works the best for you and your situation: there is no one best or most effective way. 

Sage or Smoke 

You've probably heard of using the ancient practice of sage or herb bundles to clear your home or space - but did you know you can also use it to clear your crystals? White sage is probably the most commonly-known herb used to clear crystals and make way for more positive energy, but there are many, many types you could use including mountain sage, desert sage, common sage, lavender, rosemary, and pine. You can also use incense sticks, frankincense, palo santo, or another type of aromatic wood like juniper. We carry a variety of sage and herbs in the shop.

Smoke cleansing is a great way to easily cleanse your crystals: particularly if you have a large collection. It’s also one of the easiest ways and works for precious stones, softer stones, and crystals that are difficult to cleanse with other methods. 

We've also got a step-by-step guide to smoke cleansing with herb bundles, which you can check out for more information on this popular way to cleanse both your crystals and your space.

crystal clearing meditation


Have you used meditation and visualization to clear your crystals before? If you are new to meditation, this may seem a little intimidating - but don't worry! We have a guided meditation that will help you to clear and connect to your crystals!

You can download it FOR FREE in the shop.

This short meditation leads you through a very simple exercise to help you start to tune into your crystal and bring bright white light into it, to clear out any energies that don't support your highest good. 

This cleansing method uses your own intuition and connection to the Universe (or whatever higher power or energy you believe in) and is an effective way to help clear away any bad vibes and fill your crystal with clean, white light.

selenite tower


Selenite is a glowy, ethereal-looking stone that helps clear out low or stagnant energy and bring in high vibes and positive energy. This makes it a great stone to help you clear the energies of your other stones.

This is one of the simplest and safest methods of clearing your crystals and there’s no smoke, smell, or need an open window: so you can use this with almost any one you purchase.

To do this, you'll want a piece of selenite larger than the crystal(s) you're clearing. You may want to choose large selenite slabs, plates, or bowls for this method. If you chose a slab or a large plate, it should have a flat surface (so that you could set your crystals on it, without them falling off) and be about an inch thick (although this is approximate; smaller stones would, of course, not need as large of a piece).

Once you have your selenite bowl, wand or plate, simply set your crystal(s) on top and give them some time. Of course, this method is the most ideal for smaller crystals and crystal jewelry - cleansing larger pieces this way will be difficult. You'll want to let them sit for 8-12 hours (overnight is fine). That's it! This isn't the fastest method, but it's very simple - and your selenite crystal can be used over and over to clear your other stones.

We carry a number of selenite products in the shop.

how to program crystals

Other ways to cleanse your crystals 

These are just a few of the ways to cleanse your crystals: there are lots of ways to clear their energy. Some other popular ways are: 

  • Using sound vibration, such as a tuning fork, Tibetan singing bowls, or another kind of sound bowl or sound bath 
  • Soaking them in salt water or ocean water (this can harm many types of stones, including precious stones, porous stones, metallic stones, soft stones, and crystals with specific mineral inclusions - so it’s a good rule of thumb to choose another method unless you’re sure that it’s safe to put them in salt water) or placing them in a dish of sea salt
  • Energy work, such as Reiki

Cleansing versus Charging Your Crystals 

Charging a crystal refers to the process of infusing it with energy to enhance its inherent properties and align it with your intentions. While cleansing clears any unwanted energies, charging helps to amplify and activate the energy of your crystals, making them more potent for specific purposes or crystal healing.

When you charge a crystal, you are essentially replenishing its energy and attuning it to your own energetic frequency. This process can be done by exposing the crystal to various sources of energy, such as sunlight, moonlight, earth, water, sound vibrations, or other crystals. The method you choose will depend on the type of crystal and your intention for using it - as well as the method you feel most connected to.


Place your crystal in direct sunlight, preferably during the early morning or late afternoon when the sun's energy is gentler. Sunlight charges the crystal with vibrant energy and is particularly suitable for crystals associated with vitality, confidence, and creativity. 

Note, however, that some crystals are very sensitive to natural light and can change or lose color, if they are in the sun for an extended period of time. One of these crystals is amethyst. If you’re unsure of whether or not your crystal will fade or change color in the sun, it’s best to choose a different method for charging it. 

Additionally, you should never, ever put a sphere - especially clear quartz - in the sun: just like a magnifying glass, it can amplify the heat and light of the sun dramatically and cause a fire.


Leave your crystal in direct moonlight, generally during the light of the full moon or the darkness of the new moon is a perfect time. Moonlight charging is beneficial for enhancing intuition, emotional healing, and spiritual growth. You can place your crystal on a windowsill or outside, ensuring it is safely protected from the elements.


Bury your crystal in the ground, preferably in a natural and energetically clear area. The earth's energy will gradually charge the crystal over time, connecting it with grounding and stabilizing properties. Ensure you mark the location to retrieve the crystal later. Burying your crystal in the earth is also a method of crystal cleansing.


Expose your crystal to sound vibrations, such as using singing bowls, tuning forks, or chanting. Sound charging helps to align the crystal's energy and attune it to specific frequencies. Gently place the crystal near the sound source or pass it through the sound waves.

Large Crystal Clusters

Place your crystal on or near a larger crystal cluster or geode. The cluster's strong and harmonious energy will charge and amplify the smaller crystal's vibrations. This is often done with large quartz clusters.

What to do, once your crystal is cleansed and charged

Now that your crystal has been cleared of any negative energies they came to you with, and re-charged to boost their natural properties, it's time to set an intention that they support you in the best way(s) possible.

To do this, simply hold your crystal and say, "Thank you for supporting me and my highest good. In full faith, so it is." If you have something similar you'd like to say, that's totally fine! The main goal here is to set the intention that your crystal is working in the highest good and for the best outcomes.

If you’re new to this process, here is a post that explains exactly how to program a crystal

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