3 Easy Ways to Cleanse and Recharge Your Crystals

easy ways to clear your crystals

How do you cleanse and charge your crystals?

You've found a gorgeous new crystal (or three)! When you bring your crystal home, especially if you'll be using it for any type of energy or metaphysical work, it's important to "clear" or "cleanse" your crystal.
That doesn't mean your crystal has "bad" or even "negative" energy: it just means that you want your crystal to be just for you - and so it's best to clear out any vibes that might have been picked up on it's way to you. Here are three easy ways to do that!
sage cleansing


You've probably heard of using sage or herb bundles to clear your home or space - but did you know you can also use it to clear your crystals? White sage is probably the most commonly-known herb used to clear crystals, but there are many, many types you could use including mountain sage, desert sage, common sage, lavender, rosemary, and pine. We carry a variety of sage and herbs in the shop.

We've also got a step-by-step guide to smoke cleansing with herb bundles, which you can check out for more information. 

crystal clearing meditation


Have you used meditation and visualization to clear your crystals before? If you are new to meditation, this may seem a little intimidating - but don't worry! We have a guided meditation that will help you to clear and connect to your crystals!

You can download it FOR FREE in the shop.

This short meditation leads you through a very simple exercise to help you start to tune into your crystal and bring white light into it, to clear out any energies that don't support your highest good.

selenite tower


Selenite is a glowy, ethereal-looking stone that helps clear out low or stagnant energy and bring in high vibes. This makes it a great stone to help you clear the energies of your other stones.

This is one of the simplest and safest methods of clearing your crystals: so you can use this with almost any one you purchase.

To do this, you'll want a piece of selenite larger than the crystal(s) you're clearing. Ideally, it would have a flat face (so that you could set your crystals on it, without them falling off) and be about an inch thick (although this is approximate; smaller stones would, of course, not need as large of a piece).

Once you have your selenite wand or plate, simply set your crystal(s) on top and give them some time. You'll want to let them sit for 8-12 hours (overnight is fine). That's it! This isn't the fastest method, but it's very simple - and your selenite crystal can be used over and over to clear your other stones.

We carry a number of selenite products in the shop.

how to program crystals

Now What?

Now that your crystal has been cleared of any energy they came to you with, it's time to set an intention that they support you in the best way(s) possible.

To do this, simply hold your crystal and say, "Thank you for supporting me and my highest good. In full faith, so it is." If you have something similar you'd like to say, that's totally fine! The main goal here is to set the intention that your crystal is working in the highest good and for the best outcomes.

enjoy your new crystals!


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