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CREATIVITY, PROTECTION, EMOTIONAL HEALING:: Ethiopian Opal Ring with CZ Accents | Size 5.5

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Ethiopian Opal, with its dazzling play of color, is a stone of creativity, protection, and emotional healing. This vibrant gemstone carries water energy, making it an excellent tool for understanding and expressing one’s true emotions. It encourages both freedom and independence, inspiring you to engage with your innermost desires and feelings. Ethiopian Opal enhances self-esteem and helps you to appreciate your own unique qualities, fostering a deep sense of confidence and self-worth. Its kaleidoscopic colors stimulate the imagination and creativity, encouraging you to envision and manifest your dreams into reality. This opal variety is particularly beneficial for those seeking to release inhibitions and to explore their emotional depth, offering a protective, nurturing energy that supports emotional healing and the gentle release of pent-up emotions.

Ethiopian Opal also serves is a stone of hope and joy, infusing your aura with lightness and spontaneity. It enhances cosmic consciousness and induces psychic and mystical visions, fostering a deeper connection to the spiritual realm. This stone facilitates meditation, enhancing your ability to access spiritual guidance and to engage in soul exploration. Ethiopian Opal's dynamic energy promotes a sense of enthusiasm and optimism, encouraging you to embrace the flow of life’s experiences with trust and openness. It aids in transforming negative energy into positive action, supporting you in your journey towards spiritual growth and enlightenment. As you work with Ethiopian Opal, you'll find it not only illuminates the path to your highest self but also enriches your life with a spectrum of light and possibilities, guiding you toward a future filled with brightness and wonder.

The opal in this ring is accompanied by cubic zirconia. 

.925 sterling silver band.