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Article: Does Crystal Size Matter?

An array of crystals on a colorful blanket at the beach

Does Crystal Size Matter?

woman holding a crystal in her hand at the beach. are bigger crystals better?

Is a bigger crystal better?

When it comes to crystals, does size really matter?

The answer is yes...AND that size is not the most important thing.

Confused? It's a really common question - so let's break it down.

For example, a small tumble will have less overall range/energy than a huge geode - BUT you also need to consider its place in your home/life. 

(“Range” is how far the crystal energy radiates out from the stone. More mass generally indicates a larger range: so a larger crystal would have more of an impact on a room than a much smaller stone - again, generally speaking.)

What works for you?

Thinking about our example above, using a tumbled stone and a large geode:

If you want to carry a crystal with you, the geode won’t be of any use.

If you love the tumble, but hate the geode - it’s not going to be the one for you.

If you don’t have the budget for a large display piece, but a $5 tumble fits your budget - that’s the one that’s right.

If the tumbled stone feels utterly uninspiring, but the geode completely lights you up and you can't stop thinking about it - that's the one to go for. 

I always tell people that the size is less important than how much you like the stone, what you’re looking for, and what your budget allows.

Another way to think about it 

You could also think about how much energy a crystal has as, using this fire analogy:

A candle is a small fire: it’s bright enough to light your way and you can feel the heat from the flame. In the immediate area, it’s very good at doing those things.

If you’re sitting across the room, though, the energy - heat, light - might not reach that far.

A bonfire, of the other hand, is much larger - and would have a (much) farther range of heat/light. You could sit quite a distance away, and still have the energy reach/affect you. It will also illuminate a much larger area.

This is similar with crystals: a tumbled stone will have a much smaller energetic range - you'll want to be closer to it, to work with it. A large geode, however, will have an effect on the overall energy of the room, since it's so much larger. 

The type of energy matters, too 

Keeping on with our fire analogy, it's also important to remember that different types of crystals have different types of energy: different properties, of course, but also different levels of intensity to begin with. 

For example, a fire or flame is great at putting off heat and light...but it's always going to be a different type of heat and light than a flashlight will put off. Or a light bulb. Or fairy lights. Or the sun. They all get (at least somewhat) warm. They all provide light. But it's a very different type of light energy than what get from fire or a flame.

And these energies are very different from, say, the energy of water. So you can begin see from this analogy that, yes: size can affect a crystal's level or amount of energy - but also how the type of crystal, itself, can affect how much energy or intensity it has, even before we consider the size. 

It's all about you

So again, the important thing here is what you want, how you will use it, and how it fits into your lifestyle.

Of course, we love both candles and bonfires (and flashlights and the sun...): but we use them at different times, for different purposes, in different situations, to fulfill different desires. Sometimes, we may not have enough space or  wood for a bonfire…but a candle is perfect for our needs. Other times, the glow and presence of a bonfire is exactly what we need, to add ambiance, energy, and interest to larger area.

Sometimes, a tumbled stone you can pop into your pocket to take with you will be the right one for you. Other times, a larger crystal will fit the bill better than any tumbled stone could.

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