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Article: Crystals for Tax Time

Pyrite crystal, cash, and desk accessories

Crystals for Tax Time

crystals for tax time

Which crystals are good for tax time?

It's Tax Day in the U.S.! For some of us, filing our taxes is a relief - being finished on time feels great. However, it can also be a stressful time: lots of paperwork, transactions to sort and categorize, receipts to file, accountants, tax preparers, and even just hoping you didn't make a simple math or data entry error!
If you've got a lot of emotions around tax season, I've got some crystals that can help support you!
And of course, this isn't legal or tax advice! Rely on your tax preparer/accountant to support your taxes and bookkeeping - and let your crystals support your energy and emotions ;) 
Here we go: 

blue lace agate

Blue Lace Agate  

Calming, soothing, cooling: if you're feeling on edge, try some blue lace agate to help you relax - even just a bit. Remember that calmer minds usually prevail: when we're too stressed, we can't make the best decisions. Try holding some blue lace agate, taking a few deep breaths, maybe screaming for a sec or going for a walk, if you need to get let out some emotions - and then evaluating what to do next.

Blue lace agate is also said to be helpful with confidence in speaking, finding your voice, and knowing what to say and what to hold back. So if you do need to have a conversation with an accountant or bookkeeper, spend some time before your convo with your blue lace agate - and keep it close, while you are talking with them.

citrine crystal


The "merchant's stone" is a great one for tax day - no matter what the outcome is. Citrine helps to support our solar plexus (3rd chakra): confidence, willpower, abundance. It's also warming and sunny, if tax time is giving you a bit of a chill.
Let citrine help you enjoy your refund; focus on bumping up your income (or lowering your amount owed) next year; keep your confidence and certainty intact; and/or help you appreciate your current financial situation - whatever it is.
Taxes don't have to be fun: but remembering that YOU are worthy, limitless, and capable - regardless of what you file on your tax forms - is priceless.

pryrite crystal


We love pyrite for it's sparkle, golden color (and content - if you don't know what I'm talking about, check out this blog on pyrite), and fiery personality!
Pyrite is a great stone to spark creativity and ideas: so if you need some extra cash to pay taxes this year, or if you are looking for creative ways to invest your refund, give pyrite a try!
Pyrite is also said to bring good luck and wealth and is known as a stone of protection, which can help to shield negative energy. It's also a great stone to deflect EMFs - so it's a great stone to keep near your workspace.

green aventurine crystal

Green Aventurine

Green aventurine is a stone of wellness, abundance, and prosperity. It can specifically help you to call in money energy. It is also a stone that supports the heart chakra. Green aventurine is also a stone of opportunity and money luck, as well as abundance and growth.

Use green aventurine to help you grow your money mindset, financial abundance, and luck through new opportunities. Use it to help you focus on growth, new opportunities, good strategies, healthy savings, and the abundance that exists all around you - no matter how big or small it seems (wondering where to start? If you're reading this, you're probably connected to the Internet - definitely an amazing resource you can be grateful for, right now! Also - again, starting with the small stuff - this blog post! You can appreciate that you now a few crystals that can support you through all of this. Gratitude doesn't have to begin with appreciating something grand. Instead, it's the appreciation of the tiniest things, that creates the energy needed to support you in truly appreciating the big things.). 

amazonite crystal


Amazonite is a stone of communication and balance. It supports the throat (5th) chakra and aids in clear speaking. Additionally, with its blue-green hue, amazonite supports communication that comes from the heart - and from our highest truth.

Amazonite also helps us trust: trust ourselves, trust the Universe, and trust that everything is always working out FOR us.  

You've Got This!

And through all of this: remember that "tax time" is just one moment, out of an entire year. I completely get that it can be stressful, frustrating, and a bit nerve-wracking. And even that there are bigger, systemic issues. But I am sending you all the love and clarity vibes to remind you that there's a bigger picture here - and you'll get through this, no matter what. 

Now, choose a crystal or two - and make this your best, most-centered Tax Day yet! 

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