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Article: Crystals for Spring

rose quartz tumbled stone sitting on a large leaf

Crystals for Spring

rose quartz on a tree stump with a vine around it
crystals for spring

The best 6 crystals for spring

Happy spring! It's a time for new beginnings, emerging from cold, still winter, and for new "life" (think baby bunnies, new ideas, and even new ways of being).

Spring is a time of planting and possibility: what we sow now and nurture over the next few months, will begin to blossom, continue to grow, and, eventually, will be fully grown for harvest.

If you're looking for some crystals to work with this spring, I've put together the perfect list for you. 

emerald crystals


Emerald is stone that is said to help support the heart chakra, with its gorgeous green color and peaceful energy. In its clear, high-grade from, emerald is a precious gemstone, known and revered around the world. Emerald is considered to be a stone of love, friendship, and intuition.

Emerald reminds us of the vibrancy of spring: and how a little rest, nourishment, and some sunshine can go a long way. Let emerald connect you to the vibrancy of nature and of pure possibility.

Emerald is the anniversary gemstone of 20 and 55 years, as well as a May birthstone.

aquamarine crystal


Aquamarine is a stone of trust, courage, letting go, and calm. You can envision the energy as calm, blue waters that hold you while you peacefully float along. Aquamarine also supports wisdom, intellect, and clarity.

Aquamarine reminds us of the chill that is still in the air after winter, bringing new growth and opportunity after the cold months. Let aquamarine help you release, flow, and trust through this period of transition from the more dormant months, to those filled with life, vibrancy, and light. 

Aquamarine is a March birthstone.

moss agate crystal

Moss Agate 

Moss agate is said to be a stone that can support confidence, connection to the Earth, creativity, and optimism. It is said to be helpful in connecting to the Earth and with grounding and balancing your body and mind. Moss agate it also said to bring abundance and prosperity and may help you feel more calm and relaxed.

Let moss agate connect you to the earth, as it awakes: as the snow melts and the earth is scented deeply with spring. We see that the moss never went away, under winter's chill: so, too, is all of nature, waiting patiently for the next season of growth. 


green aventurine crystal

Green Aventurine

Green aventurine is a stone of wellness, abundance, and prosperity. It can specifically help you to call in money energy. It is also a stone that supports the heart chakra.

Green aventurine is a stone of opportunity and money luck, as well as abundance and growth. Green aventurine feels like a four-leaf clover, growing among spring fields. Let green aventurine remind you to stay open to opportunity and always look for the magic in life. 

yellow apatite crystal

Golden (Yellow) Apatite

Golden apatite - also called gold apatite or yellow apatite - is a stone that supports the third (sacral) chakra, with its beautiful yellow hue.

This is a stone of vitality, and will support you in creative endeavors. It is also said to help with motivation, self confidence, self worth, manifestation, and passion for life.

As we move into the sunnier season, let golden apatite remind you of warm spring days, sunny skies, and the sparkle of springtime magic. 

rose quartz crystal

Rose Quartz

Love, compassion, nurturing, softness - these are all messages that rose quartz brings.

Rose quartz symbolizes love, passion, friendship, compassion, and self-care. Revered throughout history by civilizations around the world, rose quartz was used in face masks for beautification, in talismans, and as a symbol of love.

Let rose quartz remind you to soften and release: the temperature is rising, the ice is melting, the harsh terrain is softening. Nurture your thoughts, your body, and your spirit.

Prepare for the Warmer Season

Welcome to spring! Which of these crystals will you work with, during this season of new growth, new life, and new beginnings? 


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