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Article: Metaphysical Properties of Fluorite

A pile of fluorite tumbles

Metaphysical Properties of Fluorite

About Fluorite

Fluorite is one of the most colorful stones in the world, exhibiting beautiful shades including clear/colorless, white, yellow, green, purple, red, brown, black, and even pink. All specimens are unique, and many of them have unusual gradients or bands.

One of the most popular color combinations is aquamarine green mixed with indigo purple, which makes the fluorite look like a melted mix of jade and amethyst.

Fluorite comes from a wide range of places around the globe.

Countries which produce fluorite include China, Mongolia, Russia, Spain, the U.S., South Africa, Madagascar, and Mexico.

Fluorite, like the name indicates, is mineralized fluorite. Its hardness is rated 4, and one of its features is being allochromatic, meaning that elemental impurities and radiation might affect its color quite a lot.

History and Uses of Fluorite

Fluorite is most often used for its optics: the translucent, colorful swirls can be mesmerizing.

There are several fluorite artifacts including talismans, cups, dishes, bowls, vases, and statues.

Europeans (Romans, Britons, Celts, French, Germans) and Native Americans used fluorite quite often. 

One popular fluorite artifact is the Crawford Cup in the British Museum, found in a Roman tomb. Romans were convinced that drinking vessels made from fluorite prevented intoxication, and added a unique flavor to the alcohol. Some emperors were so greedy for fluorite that they didn’t hesitate to steal it: examples inlclude Pompey the Great, who took six fluorite relief vases from Mithridates; and Emperor Augustus, who stole a fluorite vessel from the Pharaoh’s palace in Alexandria.

Energetic and Metaphysical Properties of Fluorite

Fluorite is primarily the stone of Pisces, who celebrate their birthday in February/March.

Because of its unique beauty, fluorite is said to be the embodiment of perfection.

It's a great stone for ambitious people who need a little help in reaching their high standard with wisdom and an organized approach. If you want to meet a problematic goal, then this stone is for you.

Fluorite is a stone of wisdom, strength, and organization - so it’s great for all kind of projects and endeavors that require concentration, including studying.

Fluorite is excellent for battling infections and helping boost one’s immune system. It boosts healing and rejuvenation of cells, similarly to moonstone, that prevents aging of the elderly and promotes the growth of teens.

You might be asking yourself if all shades of fluorite have the same properties. The short answer is no.

Green fluorite, for example, is a birthstone of April/May, not February/March, and two zodiac signs which should always have it close are Libra and Taurus. The green tone helps balance the heart chakra; one of the practices is to put two pieces of it above each eyebrow, and one on the chest, right above the heart chakra.

Blue fluorite is the birthstone of February/March, and it solves problems occurring in the throat chakra. Someone who has a problem with their voice, or can’t express their truth, should place one blue fluorite on their throat, and one between the eyebrows.

Clear fluorite is said to harmonize the energy flowing through the crown chakra. Like in the case of blue and green fluorite, there are special rituals that help maximize the potential of the clear fluorite. For example, putting it one’s head or above it, when lying on the floor, is said to balance the crown chakra.

Last, but not least, purple fluorite is the stone of third-eye chakra supporting intuition and inner knowing, and three zodiac signs: Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces.

Fluorite Associations

Astrological: Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces

Chakra: Third Eye

Elemental: Water, Air

Keywords: Memory, Studying, Organization

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