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Article: Crystals for Relaxation

tumbled stones, salt, and a face roller for self care

Crystals for Relaxation

try these 3 crystals for stress relief

Self-Care ▵ Rest ▵ Recharge ▵ Reset

Happy October!

This month is breast cancer awareness month, national mental health day (October 10), national inner beauty day (October 7), and pregnancy and infancy loss awareness month. A bunch of serious stuff - but one thing that these are all really getting to, is allowing yourself to rest, reset, and give yourself some love and care. 

That's why, this month, we're focusing on crystals for relaxation!

Self care, rest, and relaxation are such an important part of our lives - yet, the are often the easiest to push out of the way, to do "later" (and we all know when later typically comes ;) ). 

In the interest of making time now, taking a break now, and letting yourself exhale for just a few (or a lot of!) moments, here are three crystals perfect for relaxation - and if you want to take it a step further, you can check out my brand new Crystals for Relaxation Kit, complete with crystals, affirmations, journal prompts, a relaxation technique, and more!


Chrysocolla is said to be a feminine stone that is excellent for balance and calming - and that you may be attracted to it, if you are currently experiencing feelings of overwork and burnout. If this resonates with you, or if you are really attracted to the deep blue-green hues of chrysocolla right now, take some time and check in with yourself. Ask yourself how you are doing right now, what you need, and whether you need to make some time to rest - and then trust what you hear! 


Lepidolite is a form of mica, which contains lithium. Lithium is an element that is frequently used in antidepressants, for its relaxing and soothing properties. Lepidolite is used in a similar way - with no prescription needed! When you're feeling stressed, or like it's hard to wind down, try sitting or lying down with a piece of lepidolite and see if you can allow its relaxing, soothing energy to help you get calm and peaceful.

Rose Quartz 

The ultimate stone of love, this beauty wraps us in her soft, loving, pink hues and reminds us that we are all deserving of love, compassion, and care - and that includes self care and self love! When you need a reminder that you are love, pick up a piece of rose quartz and let her vibes fill you up with all kinds of love.  


If you are looking for some rest or relaxation, give one or more of these stones a try.

Want to go even deeper and really give yourself some self-care? Check out our workbook and crystal set for relaxation, with a set of 6 crystals, a beautiful affirmation card, a crystal exercise, affirmations, and journal prompts to support your most magical self! 

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